We believe employers

that care about the employee as a whole person

and provide development opportunities

create a thriving culture.

You Get Measurable Results

Happier Employees

Increase in employee retention

Increase in employee morale

Increase in teamwork

Increase in measurable productivity

Increase in employee attendance

Engaged leaders who engage employees

Decrease in workplace disputes

Fewer personal issues taking time from work

Increased personal motivation tied to business objectives

Enhanced communication that leads to better team outcomes

Measurable results based on goals

What our clients are saying:

“Chaplain 360 has been both a practical and a spiritual benefit to our employees…we have seen tremendous positive change in our company culture. Some of the reasons for this change: personal counseling, crisis intervention, prayer, visitation, and ongoing support provided by our chaplain to employees and their families. The entire atmosphere of DeFords is noticeably hospitable and welcoming which has resulted in several top talent prospects leaving other companies in our industry to come to work for us. This can be attributed directly to DeFord’s incorporation of a chaplain service provider.”

Ronnie DeFord, Owner

I can't imagine our organization without our Chaplaincy Program. It offers so much more than an EAP as it doesn't just guide you to a website or a recorded message, it guides you to a confidential, voluntary venue for those that believe that our faith can get us through almost any trial or tribulation if we just look for right road and put our trust in God.

Donna V. Heaton, Human Resources Director

“I am so grateful for the positive impact of the chaplain program. The positive encouragement, spiritual guidance and prayers each week are invaluable.”

Paula Pruitt, Paralegal

A Few of our Happy CLIENTS