Employee Care. Employee Development.

We Customize EmployeE development

Advancing employees’ life skills, people skills, cognitive skills, learning skills, organizational skills… and soft skills. All delivered by expert trainers and coaches, focused on achieving measurable results!“

You free your Managers and Supervisors to Work

You Provide Care your employees will use

Traditional Employee Assistance Programs only have a 6-8% response rate.

Chaplain 360’s Program has a 60-90% response rate.


By utilizing an In-House Employee Care Program staffed by Chaplains you support your employees in a personal way that ensures that their personal struggles are addressed but kept confidential. This frees up your managers and supervisors to focus on work.

“Having a Chaplain Program has been one of the backbones of our organization for over 5 years. While the management team works hard to provide the right working environment for our people, we can not address the individual needs of each employee. Chaplain 360 has bridged the gap by developing meaningful relationships with our employees and helping them in their individual journey.

Jaime Foster, Director of Marketing & HR