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Make Writing: 5 Strategies That Turn Writer's Workshop Into a Maker Space by Angela Stockman

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"You must love getting to read all day"

Working in a library, people will often assume I get to read all day. That is just not the case. As the Program Assistant for Learning and Outreach at Texas A&M University Libraries, I stay busy coordinating outreach efforts, managing student employees, and working as part of our Library Instruction Training Program leadership team. Those primary responsibilities along with all the other duties assigned to me, rarely leave me time to read at work. However, I do read quit a bit in my own spare time. Admittedly this "spare time" reading has been replaced with reading for school during my program at Rutgers University.

Book Clubs

I also read quite a bit, as time allows, due to my involvement with book clubs. I have been the Advisor for the Aggie Book Club, a student organization at Texas A&M University, for the past few years. I have also recently been involved with a Diversity Book Club at the Libraries that is for any interested workers in the Libraries. This past year I have also collaborated with the Women's Resource Center Book Club , In Her Own Words, as a facilitator.