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Youth Schedule:

1957 Scotland Ave, Chambersburg, PA 17201

The CAMS North Wrestling Room is located off of the bus circle on the right side / north side of the building. Parents should be parking in the designated parking lot off of the bus circle. Please do not park in or around the lot beyond the wrestling room entrance. That is for CAMS North staff only. Parents of young children should park and walk their children in.


We can’t stress enough the importance of hygiene. When one person gets an infection, it can spread through the wrestling team fast due to the nature of skin contact in the sport. All wrestlers should always take a good shower after practices and meets. They should use soap head to toe. Extra cleansing soaps that have antibacterial and antifungal properties are a plus. Wiping off your shoes, headgear and gym bag with alcohol or antibacterial wipes is also a good idea.


Do not wear wrestling shoes outside. Please keep wrestling shoes clean and dry. Dirty shoes on the wrestling mats promote the spread germs and bacteria that will effect the entire team. Oils, stones, and sticky residue will harm the mats. It's very important to have the wrestlers put their shoes on just before practice and take them off before they step outside.


Wrestlers should bring a water bottle to practice. Wrestling practices are a good workout and kids will get thirsty. It is important that they stay hydrated. A personal water bottle can be kept with their other items in the wrestling room. Please make sure water bottles are leak-proof and have a name on it. Sodas and sticky sports drinks should be kept out of the wrestling room.