Fortune 100 Company
  • SANS Women's Academy 2017 Graduate


  • Founder of Women in Information Security Study Group

  • MBA IT Management

  • D.Sc. Cybersecurity from Marymount University

    • Doctoral Dissertation on Enterprise Purple Teaming - Link

      • Enterprise Purple Teaming GitHub - Link

  • National Science Foundation SaTC (Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace) Participant 2020-2021 - Preparing Cybersecurity Advanced Professionals for Teaching the Next Generation of the Cybersecurity Workforce

  • YARA Exchange Member

  • Infragard Chicago Member

  • Small Business Owner 15+ years

  • CAPWIC Capital Region Celebration of Women in Computing Scholarship Committee 2020

  • Advisory Boards: SANS CTI Summit 2021, Purple Team Summit 2020, SANS Summit Steering Committee Member 2020, SANS Purple Team Summit 2019 & 2021, SANS EMEA CyberThreat Summit 2019 & 2022, SANS Pen Test HackFest 2021 & 2022

  • CFP Review Board for DEF CON Blue Team Village 2020 - 2022, CactusCon 2019/2020/2021/2022, CircleCityCon 2020, Grayhat 2020 Blue Team Village

  • Blue Team Village Lead @BlueTeamVillage

  • Blue Team Village Team Lead in Organizing a 3 day Conference at GrayHat 10/2020 - BTV YouTube Playlist

  • Reviewer for SCYTHE's Purple Team Exercise Framework v1 (PTEF)

  • ESET's 6th annual Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship recipient 2021

  • Contributing Author to an O'Reilly book: 97 Things Every Information Security Professional Should Know by Christina Morillo @divinetechygirl

  • Blue Team Village DEF CON 29 Malware Analysis Tournament 6th Place

Events & Public speaking

DEF CON 30 BlueTeamVillage 8/2022

The DFIR Report Homecoming Parade Panel

RSAC Dark Arts Village 6/2022

Let's Get Offensive: Building A Purple CultureMedium Blog Post

ISACA Madison 4/2022

Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel Useful

SunflowerCon 3/2022

International Cybersecurity Incidents for In-House CTI Analysts DONATE TO NOVA UKRAINE at

DC SkyTalks 1/2022

New Year's Eve Twitch Stream

KringleCon 12/2021

The Abominable Snowman's Threat Hunting Adventure

BBC World Service Business Daily Interview 11/2021

Stalkerware: Tech-enabled domestic abuse skyrocketing

BlueSpace Keynote at Ekoparty 11/2021

Paint It, Blue: Transitioning from CTI to HUNT

THOTCON 10/2021

Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel Useful

MindTheSec Keynote 9/2021

Super Charge Your Purple Team Exercises with Threat Intelligence

BlueTeamVillage at DEF CON 29 8/2021

Threat Report Roulette with Jorge Orchilles, Chris Russell, Danny D. Henderson Jr., Karan Aditya Ghoshal, Ricky Banda, Will Thomas, and Blind Hacker JoeB Welcome to #IRLIFE. A live IR TableTop Panel with Plug, @ttheveii0x, @scsideath, @Paladin316, @innismir, Wayland, & Bassem Helmy

ISACA Tucson 7/2021

Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel Useful

Temple University 6/2021

Executive MBA Guest Lecture on Enterprise Cybersecurity

RSAC 5/2021

Jill and the BeenSTALKed Panel with @C_3PJoe, Moderated by @ChloeMessdaghiLessons Learned from Diverse Paths to Successful Cybersecurity Careers Panel with @hexplates & @InnoEroraha, Moderated by @John_Pescatore

SANS CTI Summit 1/2021

The CTI Shadow Army: Tales from the Trenches - Small Business Owner/Solopreneur EditionSANS CTI Summit 2021 VideoSANS CTI Summit 2021 GitHubDAY 1 Wrap-Up PanelDAY 2 Wrap-Up PanelHappy Hour: CTI Career Success

KringleCon 12/2020 - Cancelled

CTI Talk

United Nations World Food Programme

Digital Abuse: Linking Cybersecurity and Intimate Partner Violence

IIA/ISACA Chicago Chapter 7th Annual Hacking Conference 11/2020 - Cancelled

Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel Useful

BlueTeamVillage at GrayhatCon 10/2020 - Cancelled

CTI Panel ModeratorCTI Mindset

SANS BIPOC in Cybersecurity Forum: From Inclusion to Equity 10/2020

Public Speaking: Feel the Fear and Do It AnywaySANS BIPOC VideoSANS Blog Post by @SANSJen

BlackHat Asia 10/2020

Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel UsefulBlackHat Asia GitHub

Ekoparty 9/2020

Every Breath You Take: A CTI Review of StalkerwareEkoparty VideoStalkerware GitHub

HATHCon 9/2020

Cultivate Your Human Network Like a Garden Panel with @InfoSecSherpa @Djax_Alpha

CONFidence Conf 9/2020

Super Charge Your Purple Team Exercises with Threat IntelligenceCONFidence GitHub

NolaCon 9/2020-Cancelled due to COVID

Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel Useful

Diana Initiative 8/2020

CTI Mindset as a Technique for Blue Teamers

ITSP Magazine Podcast

Purple Teaming and CTIITSP Recording

Red Team Village at DEF CON28 8/2020

Indicators of Emulation: Extra Spicy Adversary Emulation with @haydnjohnsonRed Team Village Video

Blue Team Village at DEF CON28 8/2020

Indicators of EmulationBlue Team Village Video

BSidesPorto 7/2020

Every Breath You Take: A CTI Review of StalkerwareBSidesPorto 2020 VideoBSidesPorto 2020 Slides

CircleCityCon 6/2020

Every Breath You Take: A CTI Review of StalkerwareCCC 2020 VideoCCC 2020 Slides

WHackzCon 6/2020

Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel Useful-KPOP THEMEDWHACKZCON 2020 Slides

Guest Chef on Hacker Kitchen 5/27/2020

Cooking Turkey Fajitas

Celebration of Cyber Scholarship 5/2020

Review of my work since 5/2019Celebration of Cyber Scholarship Slides

GRIMMCon 4/2020

Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel Useful with @B00m_s1ang @Wookiee_ @_glitchXRGRIMMCon 2020 VideoGRIMMCon 2020 SlidesReferences Link

ShmooCon XVI 1/2020

Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel UsefulShmooCon XVI VideoShmooCon XVI Slides

Department of Defense CyberDT Cross-Service Working Group (XSWG) 1/2020

Adversary Detection Pipelines


Every Breath You Take: A CTI Review of StalkerwareSANS CTI Summit 2020 SlidesThreat Summary Report

BSidesChicago 10/2019

Threat Intel For The Win!

ISC2 Security Congress 10/2019

CTI AfterDark

SANS Purple Team Summit 10/2019

Guardians of the Purple Team Galaxy: The Purple Agenda with @BenGoerz

Texas Cyber Summit 10/2019

Winning Everyday at Threat Intel

Digital Shadows #ShadowTalk Podcast 9/23/19

Threat Intel Time Management & Prioritization

ICMCP Annual Conference 9/2019

CTI: TTPs vs. Attribution

DerbyCon IX 9/2019

It Must Be Fancy Bear!DerbyCon IX Video

Mental Health Hackers Village Derbycon IX 9/2019

Hacking the Autonomic Nervous System with Somatic ExperiencingMental Heal Hackers Village Slides

SANS Women's Connect Event 8/2019

My Infosec Journey

Breaking Badness Podcast 8/15/2019

Summer Camp 2019 Mini-Series

Diana Initiative 8/2019

In The Wake of an Advanced Persistent Your Personal Safety with @hexplatesDiana Initiative Stalkerware SlidesCTI AfterDark

Blue Team Village at DEFCON27 8/2019

The Cyber Threat Intelligence MindsetBTV DEFCON27 VideoBTV DEFCON27 Slides

SANS Webcast 8/2/2019

ATT&CKing your Enterprise: Adversary Detection Pipelines & Adversary Simulation with @BenGoerzSANS Webcast Link (Must Login to View)

Purple Squad Security Podcast 7/2/2019

Episode 59 - Business Processes in Infosec with Cheerio

CircleCityCon 6/2019

F! AttributionCCC 2019 Video

RSA Conference 3/2019

IOT Security Panel Peer2Peer Session: Leveraging Tactical Threat Intelligence for Strategic Decision MakingBirds of a Feather: Everyday Leadership for Women in Information Security

Art into Science: A Conference for Defense ACoD 1/2019

CTI 24/7: Operationalizing Cyber Threat IntelligenceACoD 2019 VideoACoD 2019 Slides

SANS CTI Summit 1/2019

Lightning Talk

ShmooCon XV 1/2019

CTI 24/7: Operationalizing Cyber Threat IntelligenceShmooCon XV VideoShmooCon XV Slides

SANS Webcast 1/11/2019

CTI 24/7: Operationalizing Cyber Threat IntelligenceSANS Webcast Link (Must Login to View)

THEIIA/ISACA/ISSA Chicago Chapter Annual Conference 9/2018

A Day in the Life of a CTI Analyst with @medic642

Group events

CTI for Everyone! TBD

Instructor: Ch33r10

Python Dev & APIs January 2019

Instructor: Nina Zakharenko

Practical Malware Analysis January 2019

Instructor: Sam Bowne

Threat Hunting with SPLUNK December 2018

Instructors: John Stoner & Ryan Kovar

Ch33r10's Survival Splunk November 2018

Instructor: Ch33r10

Course Development

Cybersecurity for Realtors

Instructor: Ch33r10

Teach Cybersecurity that Companies Need for High School Teachers

Instructor: Ch33r10

OSINT & THREAT MODELING for People with elderly Parents or Kids who are Dating

Instructor: Ch33r10

Current Projects

  • Research for future talks, articles, workshops, and books