Cristóbal Guzmán

About me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Institute for Mathematical and Computational Engineering of the Catholic University of Chile. My research interests are Convex Optimization, Machine Learning Theory and Differential Privacy.

I obtained an Engineering degree (Applied Math M.Sc. equivalent) from the Mathematical Engineering Department of Universidad de Chile, with Roberto Cominetti as advisor.

I obtained a Ph.D. in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization at Georgia Tech. My advisors were Arkadi Nemirovski and Sebastian Pokutta.

After graduating, I was a postdoc in the Networks & Optimization Group at CWI-Amsterdam.

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  • [2021-] Clément Lezane (Appl. Math, UTwente)


  • [2021-] Tomás González (Eng, PUC). Currently interning at Google Research Montreal (Canada)

  • [2021-22] Giorgio Micali (Appl. Math, UTwente). Currently Ph.D. in Statistics at U Twente (Netherlands)

  • [2019-22] Juan Pablo Flores (Math, PUC)

  • [2019-21] Patricio Ulloa (Eng, PUC)

  • [2019-20] Santiago Armstrong. Joint with Carlos Sing-Long (Eng, PUC)

  • [2018-20] Javiera Riffo. Joint with Jorge Vera (Eng, PUC). Currently M.Sc. in Statistics at TU Dortmund (Germany)

Visiting Students

  • Juan Pablo Contreras: May-July 2022 (UAI, Chile)

  • Nicolas Casabianca: April-August 2018 (ENS-Cachan, France)