Carlo Felice Manara

ESO Fellow at ESO-Headquarters

I am an Astronomer currently working at the Headquarters of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Garching bei M√ľnchen, Germany, as an ESO Fellow.

My research focuses on the processes of star and planet formation, in particular on the evolution of protoplanetary disks. The main aim of my research is to determine the main processes governing the evolution of disks, in order to constrain planet formation theories.

I have been studying in detail the interaction of the forming star with the surrounding protoplanetary disk through accretion of matter and winds (see my PhD Thesis). I am doing this mainly using UV to optical and near-infrared spectra (e.g. VLT/X-Shooter, VLT/UVES, VLT/MUSE, VLT/KMOS, or even HST spectra) of young stellar objects in different star forming regions and at different disk evolutionary states, such as classical T Tauri stars or transitional disks. Then, I connect these observations with the disk properties obtained with ALMA. READ MORE!

While continuing to investigate this process, I am also studying the effects of dynamical interactions in young stellar clusters on the evolution of protoplanetary disks combining optical and infrared data with Gaia and using ALMA.

Finally, I am studying objects whose dimming events allow us to constrain the structure of their inner disks. Among others, I got recently interested in EPIC 204278916 and RW Aur A, two very peculiar targets, as well as other AA-Tau like objects.

To read more about my research, visit the following links to my research highlights and my publications (ADS+ link). I am on Twitter (@cfmanara).

I also like to organize conferences and workshops, as shown here.