Conversational English Support Programme

"New Open Doors through English"

Thank you for your interest in CESP.

We would like to inform you that CESP is tentatively suspended until

October 2022.

Please visit our site for more updates.

New Open Doors Through English...

Who Are We?

Global Sports Partners, “GSP,” is perhaps best known for helping to introduce the sport of Ultimate Frisbee to Malaysia back in 2003. Yet GSP has facilitated several English language initiatives over the years in the context of sports development and beyond. To learn more about GSP and our vision of "Transforming Lives through Sport," visit

Welcome to CESP...

Welcome to the Conversational English Support Programme (CESP) where you will find "New Open Doors through English."

Global Sports Partners has designed the Conversational English Support Programme (CESP) with today's Malaysian workforce in mind. Whether a teacher or a service provider such as a bank clerk or hotel employee or perhaps even a working professional who relates to English-speaking peers, this programme is for you. We also welcome college and university students who recognise they need to prepare themselves for the 21st century world of work.

We know that many of you have a foundation in the English language but may feel a lack of confidence in a conversational setting. This programme is designed to give you a "safe place" to practice your conversational English with native English speakers. The heart of CESP is a weekly online 1 on 1 forty-five minute conversation between language learner and language helper.

We are excited about the impact of CESP as we connect you with partners in the United States who genuinely care for your and have time to invest in helping many of you grow in competency and confidence in your English oral language skills. With a vision of life transformation, we are encouraged to hear continual positive reports from both learners and helpers of the difference CESP is making in their lives.

Please look through this CESP overview site. We trust it will help provide an introduction and orientation to what you are about to experience. Do feel free to contact us at any time with questions and/or suggestions. We have a special 2022 offer - Rm 20% off our April (begins the week of Apr 16) ten week module - now just Rm 200. Get matched with a language helper with just a deposit of Rm 100 with the balance (Rm 100) due on week five.

The best is yet to come... apply now!

Douglas Ladner

CESP Programme Coordinator / +6016.650.6413 (WhatsApp)


  1. Fill out the CESP application .

  2. We will then call you via WhatsApp to answer any questions you have and also make sure you are ready for CESP (that you have the minimum required English proficiency). Jangan malu! We will let you know if you are not quite ready.

  3. You will then be given instructions how to make the initial Rm 100 deposit.

  4. You will then be matched with your US language helper and exchange emails (and pictures) to get to know each other (ice-breaker!)

  5. You will receive an email with final instructions prior to your first scheduled weekly session.

  6. After week four, we will get in touch with you to hear how CESP is going for you and record any feedback that might be helpful to improve CESP. You will receive notice to pay the remaining balance - Rm 100.

  7. Prior to your final session we will once again reach out to you to express thanks, hear any more feedback and look ahead together to what might be a helpful next step!

Technical Support

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