I am a Romanian-American political philosopher. I joined King's College London in 2015, where I am an Associate Professor (Reader) in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics in the Department of Political Economy. I have served as the first director of the new PPE program from 2015-2018.

I have broad interests in questions at the intersection of politics, philosophy, and economics, and in the philosophy of international law.

I am one of the editors of the new Oxford University Press Philosophy, Politics and Economics book series along with Ryan Muldoon, Itai Sher, Eric Schliesser, and Geoff Sayre-McCord. I am also an associate editor of the Social Philosophy and Policy journal.

In recent years, my research has focused increasingly on the nature of international law and its authority over states, the limits of institutionalizing rights, and on theories of constitutionalism. My publications cover contemporary liberal theory, ethics and public policy, international law and institutions, and environmental ethics.