I am a Romanian-American political philosopher. I joined King's College London in 2015. I am currently an Associate Professor (Reader) in the Department of Political Economy, and I have served as the first director of the new PPE program from 2015-2018. I held visiting positions at Tulane University, USA and the University of Oslo, Norway.

I have broad interests in the philosophy of law and international law and at the intersection of politics, philosophy, and economics.  My recent publications cover the character and scope of international law and institutions, the nature of rights and how states articulate and institutionalize them, constitutional theory and the rule of law, and public policy

My latest book, Law Beyond the State: Dynamic Coordination, State Consent and Binding International Law (OUP 2021) is the winner of the Best Book Award  at the International Studies' Association International Law section.

I am one of the editors of the new Oxford University Press Philosophy, Politics and Economics book series.