CCG Newsletter

The Underground Movement is the official newsletter of the Central Connecticut Grotto. We welcome submissions from grotto members as well as from friends of the grotto. Please contact us at to inquire about making a submission to the newsletter. The links below go to the CCG Newsletters published from October 2003 - present. Issues published prior to October 2003 are not available online although most are available in the CCG archives. A cumulative subject index of The Underground Movement can be found in the Cumulative Index.

Underground Movement Editors:

Oct 2003 - Jan 2004: Ray Keeler
Feb 2004 - Oct 2004: Carl Carmoney
Nov 2004 - Aug 2006: Jansen Cardy
Sept 2006 - July 2007: Steve Janesky
Oct 2007 - Dec 2007: Jansen Cardy
Jan 2008 - Dec 2008: Bob Simmons
Jan 2009 - Dec 2010: Chris Goodman
Jan 2011 - Aug 2011: Steve Janesky
Sept 2011 - Present: Danny Brass (100+ issues!)