Central Connecticut Grotto

What is the Central Connecticut Grotto of the National Speleological Society?

The Central Connecticut Grotto (CCG) is a local chapter of The National Speleological Society ( NSS). The CCG shares the goals of other NSS Grottos, which are to organize trips, offer training, practice cave conservation, and generally provide a framework for enjoying and studying caves. The Central Connecticut Grotto welcomes new members who are interested in caves and committed to cave conservation. Join us - membership info is on our "Membership" page.

Our Monthly Meetings

Meetings are open to anyone interested in caves and committed to cave conservation. At each meeting we discuss Grotto business, trip reports and plan future trips. Many meetings also have a presentation; either a talk, demonstration, slides, or video. It is not necessary to attend meetings to be a Grotto member, though we would like you to attend.

Location, Date, and Time of meetings can change. Non-members should confirm by calling a meeting contact number or emailing info@ctcavers.org, with "CCG Meeting" in the subject line.

Officers and Committees (2023)

Contact officers at info@ctcavers.org

Chair - Veronica Sassu Laviero
Vice Chair - Steve Millett
Treasurer - Alisa Werst
Secretary - Jeff Laviero
Webmaster - Norm Berg  /  Steve Millett
Membership - Diane Lucas
Safety - Doug Truitt
Conservation - Mike Sandone
Vertical - Felicia Millett
Equipment - Steve Millett
Newsletter - Danny Brass
Member at Large - Blase LaSala

Upcoming Meetings and Activities

CCG Caving Weekend at Schoharie Cabin - July 19-21, 2024 

CCG has reserved the Schoharie Cabin for a fun weekend of caving in Schoharie NY.  Caving trips of all skill levels will be led to some of our favorite caves nearby the cabin.   Please email info@ctcavers.org with “CCG Schoharie Cabin Caving Weekend 2024” in the subject line. for more details or to RSVP.  This event is only open to cavers with active CCG memberships.

CCG Annual Ocean Front Barbeque – Saturday August 10, 2024

A CCG member will be hosting us for a BBQ at his home on Shell Beach in Guilford, CT. If weather cooperates there will be boating, swimming and even a trip to nearby talus caves. For more info please call/text Veronica  at 860-620-7521, or email info@ctcavers.org with “CCG BBQ Aug. 10” in the subject line.  (Rain date: Sunday Aug. 11). Non-members  who are interested in caving are very welcome to join.