Athletes will need to set up a Strava account (free) at and upon reaching their main account page, go to the third tab marked "Explore" in the upper left-hand corner and then hit the word "Clubs." In the box marked "Club Name," type in Centerville or Centerville High School and then request to join the team. This can also be done on the Strava app.

To sync a watch to the account (including Garmin, Apple, Fitbit, Amazfit, etc.), go to the "+" tab in the far right corner, and then hit "Upload Activity." That should provide the instructions for syncing a watch. You may be required to create an account for your watch's brand first before making a Strava account.

To add a manual entry (for non-GPS watch athletes), go to the "+" tab in the far right corner, and then hit "Add Manual Entry."

Upon logging, all athletes' runs will appear on a team leader board that displays total weekly distance, number of total weekly runs, longest run of the week, average pace, and elevation gain.

Athletes can also create routes under the "+" routes. The "Explore" tab on the left-hand side of the screen has a lot of cool features including various running segments that runners have named, such as for particular hills or stretches of routes, which allow you to see the all-time records for those particular segments. For example, the green loop at the Sugarcreek Reserve is itself a segment, but also has special segments for certain hills or portions of the trail.