General Info

What is Cross Country?

Course Distance: 5K or 3.1 miles

Meet Courses: Generally at parks, schools, or golf courses

Varsity Race: Top 7 or 10 runners from each team

JV/Open Race: All other runners not on Varsity

Scoring: Lowest point total wins. There are 7 runners on a team. Each runner gets a place and points for their team (example: 5th place = 5 points) The team adds up the Top 5 runner’s points and this determines the team’s score. In the event of a tie, the teams will use their 6th runner as a tie breaker.

Races: Typically there are two high school races at each meet: Varsity and JV/Open. It is absolutely a spectator sport! Come on out and support your son and the team!

What is Needed?

1. Forms – there are five forms that must be submitted to the Athletic Department on or before FRIDAY, JULY 31st. Links for the five forms are below as well as on the Athletic Department’s website.

Physical Form

Emergency Medical Form

Concussion Form

Code of Conduct Form

Lindsay’s Law Video (must watch) - Lindsay’s Law Form

2. Pay to Participate – This fee is NOT billed to you. The fee is accessed to your child’s school account but it your responsibility to pay the fee prior to the first competition on Saturday, August 24th. These fees are paid directly to Centerville City Schools and should not be paid to our program or coaches. Checks can be written to Centerville High School. The 2019 Pay to Participate Fee is $180.

3. Shoes – visit a running store and get “fit” for shoes. Runner's Plus by the Dayton Mall and Up and Running by the DLM in Centerville are two great stores that help can help you find the right shoes.

4. Watch – a watch on the wrist that has a stopwatch or chronograph feature

5. Team Fee – Current Estimate is $40. This fee is separate from the Pay to Participate Fee and covers Spaghetti Dinners, Banquet, Team Poster, Team T-Shirts, etc.

A Look at a Typical Week

Monday – Long run (3:00 – 5:30 pm)

Tuesday – Workout (3:00 – 5:15 pm)

Wednesday – Maintenance Run (3:00 – 5:00 pm)

Thursday – Workout (3:00 – 5:15 pm)

Friday – Pre-Meet Run (3:00 – 4:30 pm)


Transportation TO and FROM meets must be done by school transportation. If that is not possible, an alternate transportation form can be filled out and completed and signed by the following parties: 1. Parent 2. Athlete 3. Head Coach 4. Athletic Director. This form should be submitted to the Athletic Director a minimum of two days before the event.

Are Spikes Needed?

Spikes are a racing shoe worn only during competition. Spikes are expected from the top athletes such as varsity and top JV runners as well as returning JV runners. Spikes are not only lighter to run in but also help with traction throughout race courses. I also believe their is a strong psychological effect when athletes know they are putting on a race shoe for a race. They immediately know when they put on their spikes there is something different about that day. They are a wonderful asset to ANY cross country runner but I would encourage you to make a firm commitment to cross country before you make a commitment of spending $65-$80 on a pair of shoes you only wear for one season. In most cases, a pair of spikes can last two seasons of cross country.

Hint: It is advisable to walk or jog a little in your spikes the few days before your first race in order to allow your feet to get used to the shoes and avoid painful blisters. This can be done by bringing them to practice the day or two before the first meet.


Unfortunately, these are an everyday dilemma. Most aches and pains come and go but some are true injuries and need attention. CHS provides athletic training support through Miami Valley Hospital. The team has access to team physicians on a daily basis.

Many injuries can be helped dramatically by icing for 10-12 minutes immediately after exercise. The best icing method is using disposable paper cups and freezing water inside of them. Tear around the top of the cup and run on sore or injured area for 10-12 minutes. Repeat every 2-3 hours.

Ibuprofen/Advil and Aleve can be good to use as an anti-inflammatory. This only works if taken consistently for 4-5 days as directed on the bottle.

Attendance Policy

In trying to create a team and family atmosphere and a strong sense of togetherness, commitment to the team and attendance at team functions is imperative. This policy is to ensure that the commitment made to cross country and the team is respected and valued according to its appropriate priority. If your son needs to miss practice for any reason, please write (note, email, text) a note with the reason for his absence before the start of that practice.

Cross Country Conflicts

Here are some dates and information regarding some common tests and other fall activities that may conflict with the cross country meet schedule.

ACT Test Dates

(not all dates listed)


SAT Test Dates

(not all dates listed)


PSAT Test Dates


Homecoming Weekend


PE Option

Please be sure that you understand all the PE option expectations if planning to have cross country fulfill a PE credit. The handbook identifies 90% participation – not attendance as a requirement. The student handbook is available on the district’s website and a copy is distributed to each athlete the first week of practice. Please understand that a parent’s signature stating that you understand the policies is required on the forms submitted to begin practicing in August.

Washing the Uniform

In order to help the uniforms last as long as possible, please wash the garments in cold water on a gentle cycle. DO NOT tumble dry or iron.

Social Media Policy

Please read the attached Social Media Agreement that is expected of all runners

Social Media Agreement

Road Running Policy

Please read the attached Road Running Policy that is expected of all runners

Road Running Policy