Centerville Boys XC

2021 Spring Parent MEeting

2021 CBXC Spring Meeting

2021 information

Currently the plan is to have a "normal" 2021 cross country season. But if we have learned anything in the last year, please know that everything here is subject to change.

Communication Through the Remind App

Please join the appropriate Remind Group in order to stay up to date with all of our information.
You can join by downloading the Remind App for your phone and using one of the join codes below.
If you prefer to use standard texts instead of the app you can text one of the join codes below to 81010.
Parents - cbxc2021
Athletes - @cbxcath

Summer Conditioning

Our tentative Summer Conditioning schedule is posted here. For now all practices are listed as occuring at CHS. We plan to move off campus as well but we still have to get approved by the parks. When they happens I will update the schedule and make an anouncement. Summer conditioning is not mandatory and no attendance will be taken. The coaching staff reccomends all atheltes join as much as possible over the summer to be prepared for the fall.

Training Plans

If you have taken two weeks off after track (or you didn't run this spring) you can get started running now. Nothing too intense yet and nothing too long. Start running 4-6 times a week right now with nothing more than 5-6 miles. This is a long season and we want to build into it. Official training plans will be posted online on June 4th. We will not be meeting as a whole team yet but it is expected that you start your training now to have the best season this fall.

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy! If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at

Required Documents

There are five forms that must be submitted to the Athletic Department on or before SATURDAY, JULY 31st. However, the athletic department would prefer you turn the forms in as soon as possible so they are not slammed with forms at the end of summer. Links for the five forms are below as well as on the Athletic Department’s website. Please turn the forms in directly to the athletic office.

Physical Form

Emergency Medical Form

Concussion Form

Code of Conduct Form

Lindsay’s Law Video (must watch) - Lindsay’s Law Form

2021 Captain Application

Anyone who is interested in becoming a captain this season is welcome to complete the application found below. Know that your responses will be shared with your teammates, who will then vote on this year's captains. The final decision will be made by the coaches but the team's input will be very important. Most likely our captains this year will be a few seniors with the possibility of 1 or 2 underclassman being selected as well.

This application is due at 11:59 pm on Friday June 11th.

Click Here To Apply