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2020 CBXC banquet

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Our first meet is coming up this weekend and it will not be like any other cross country meet you have been to in previous years. Due to the current situation these restrictions will be in place for every meet this season. All spectators must register when entering the meet to verify they have no symptoms that would indicate they may have COVID-19. You will register via a QR code that you scan on your smart phone as you enter the meet. To expedite the process one person can register for a family group that arrives together. If anyone has any reason to believe they may have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 we ask that you stay home. In order to enter the meet you must wear a mask or facial covering and it must remain on the duration of the meet. Spectators will be limited to viewing the meet only from the stadium and they will not be permitted near the start or finish lines. While in the stadium we ask that you adhere to social distancing guidelines maintaining 6 ft distance between family groups. These restrictions have been mandated by the OHSAA so this is going to be the norm across all athletic events this fall.

Specifically, this weekend our meet will be much different than the meets that we have hosted in the past. There will only be 4 schools present (Centerville, Fairmont, Miamisburg, and Wayne) so it is much smaller and thus it required much less preparation and help. There are only 4 total races throughout the day with all of our boys running in one race at 6:30pm. We are asking the boys to arrive at 5:15pm ready to warm up at our team camp in the baseball outfield. Athletes will not be allowed to roam around during the meet as they are usually allowed. This year all athletes will be required to be masked and in the designated camp area except when they are warming up, racing, or cooling down. The full schedule of events is listed below and on our team calendar. Linked below is the (somewhat modified) course map along with additional maps for traffic flow, spectator flow, etc.

The only volunteers we are needing for this weekend are those that would be willing to help register families as they enter the meet. Your only duty is to ask people to scan the posted QR codes as they enter. It is a very easy job but we need some people to take on the early shifts to cover during the middle school races. You will be relieved of your duty before the start of the high school races to make sure you do not miss your son's race. If you are able to help please fill out the Google Form below and you will be contacted with details.

If you have any questions about any of the above information please let me know.

Volunteer Sign-Up

Course Map

Additional Maps

2020 Season Update


I think we all knew this season was going to be different from any other, and this week a decision was made that would confirm that sentiment. The superintendents, principals, and athletic directors from all eight GWOC schools together made the decision to limit competition for all teams and sports within the league. This season we will only be permitted to compete against other GWOC schools. This decision was made at the league level, and it is across the board for all sports during the regular season. This is not a statewide decision, and we will still be permitted to participate in post season tournaments. The idea is to contain the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible by limiting the number of contacts. At larger meets, there would be no way to manage the spread of the virus if it was determined an individual was present who was positive. Would all 20+ schools in attendance be expected to self-quarantine? For other sports who compete head-to-head, it is much easier to manipulate team schedules due to an outbreak among one team when everyone’s schedule is contained within the league. The individuals who made this decision had the best interest of our athletes in mind, and they felt this was the best way to keep our students safe while also keeping competition possible.

So what does this mean for Centerville Boys Cross Country?

First off, our whole meet schedule will be completely different. All meets will be local and small. This also means we will not be hosting SNL this year. Obviously, this is a major financial blow to our team but thanks to the meet’s success in recent years, this should not be a problem. The cross country coaches within the league are putting together a schedule, but the final details have not been ironed out yet. The very basic outline is that our competitions will start on September 5th and continue each Saturday through October 3rd. We will then have one week off (10/10) followed by the GWOC Championship on its originally planned date of October 17th. The regular season meets will be limited to 3 teams and we will host multiple meets through the 5 week regular season. These meets will not look anything like SNL; therefore, the preparation and volunteer hours will not be significant. Each meet will consist of 4 races: middle school girls, middle school boys, high school girls, and high school boys. There will be no separate Varsity races. The GWOC Championship on October 17th will be as regularly scheduled with separate races for Varsity and JV. At this current time, all post season competitions will continue as they have in the past. THIS SCHEDULE IS PRELIMINARY AND BY NO MEANS IS IT OFFICIAL. I AM TRYING TO GIVE YOU INFORMATION AS IT IS COMING TO ME SO YOU CAN BE PREPARED, BUT THIS GWOC SCHEDULE COULD CHANGE SIGNIFICANTLY BY THE TIME IT IS FINALIZED.

What about the state level?

Everything I stated above is all contingent upon getting approval to compete from the state level. Currently, cross country is classified as a “contact sport” along with football, soccer, and field hockey. Permission to compete this fall has not yet been given to these sports. The Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches (OATCCC) is lobbying hard to get cross country moved to the “non-contact” list. If this happens, competition will be permitted. Even if we are not moved to that list, there is still a strong possibility the “contact sports” will be given permission in the near future.

I know this is not what we hoped for this fall, but this is the reality we are in. Those who are making decisions truly are doing what they believe is right in order to protect our community. Members of the Ohio High School Athletic Association did not go into those positions looking for ways to stop kids from participating. They want sports to happen. Athletic directors love sports, love our kids, and they want these sports to happen. However, everyone is looking out for the safety of the community and we will do our best this fall no matter what that looks like.

I will keep you updated with any information I have as soon as it becomes official. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

Coach 602-2546

2020 Centerville Boys Cross Country (Spring Parent Meeting)

Required Documents

There are five forms that must be submitted to the Athletic Department on or before FRIDAY, JULY 31st. Links for the five forms are below as well as on the Athletic Department’s website.

Physical Form

Emergency Medical Form

Concussion Form

Code of Conduct Form

Lindsay’s Law Video (must watch) - Lindsay’s Law Form

summer Conditioning update (6/10/20)

We will begin this FRIDAY (6/12) FOR SENIORS ONLY. This practice will allow us to set the tone for how conditioning will go this summer with all of our summer leaders. Beginning next week we will start our summer conditioning schedule for June for the rest of the team. We will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We will start each day at 7:30 and end at 9:00. We are starting a bit earlier because we are attempting to stagger start times with other sports in order to avoid crowds at the high school. Our meeting point will the the Visitor's Entrance to the stadium, as we have met the last few years. Please subscribe to the team calendar to keep up to date as we finalize the July schedule.

As previously mentioned we will maintain the minimum social distance of 6 feet between each person during conditioning. Group sizes will be limited to 5 runners in a group. We will have a sanitizing station for athletes to use when they arrive and whenever needed. For the first two weeks of conditioning we will stay on the Centerville High School property, including the farm loop. No sharing of water bottles or using public water fountains will be permitted other than to fill up your personal bottle. Each athlete who attends conditioning will have to sign-in electronically using a Google Form. To make the process as speedy as possible please bring your own device to sign-in if possible. If you do not have your own device, or would not like to bring it, you may use one of the coaches' devices. You will scan a QR code upon arrival and answer a few questions regarding your health. These procedures have been put into place to protect the community and ourselves so we will do our part in protecting everyone's health.

As a reminder, non of these practices are mandatory. You are not required to participate until August 1st. However, it is expected that you are running this summer to prepare for the season so please follow one of the training plans found here.

2020 Captain Voting

Voting is now open for 2020 CBXC Captains. Voting will close Wednesday (6/10/20) night at 11:59 pm. You must be logged into your Centerville Google Account to vote. If for some reason you cannot do that please email your vote to Coach Clark.

Vote Here

2020 Remind APP

Due to the group size restrictions for Remind we will have two different Remind Groups, one for athletes and one for parents. Directions on how to join each one are below.

Parents Remind Group - CBXC 2020 - Click Here to Join or test "@cbxc20" to 81010

Athletes Remind Group - CBXC Athletes - Click Here to Join or test "@cbxcath" to 81010

summer Conditioning update (6/5/20)

Summer conditioning will NOT begin next week but we will officially start the following week (6/15). In following the rules and regulations provided by Centerville City Schools and the Athletic Department, summer conditioning will look much different than in previous years. We will maintain the minimum social distance of 6 feet between each person. Group sizes will be limited and sanitizing stations will be present at each practice. No sharing of water bottles or using public water fountains will be permitted other than to fill up your personal bottle. Each athlete who attends conditioning will have to sign-in electronically when they arrive using a Google Form. To make the process as speedy as possible please bring your own device to sign-in. If you do not have your own, or would not like to bring it, you may use one of the coaches' devices. You will scan a QR code upon arrival and answer a few questions regarding your health. The form will be simple and ask questions about your body temperature and how you have felt in the past 24 hours. You will have to do this each time you attend any official athletic event over the summer. These procedures have been put into place to protect the community and ourselves so we will do our part in protecting everyone's health.

More information and a complete summer conditioning schedule will be provided after the coaches meet this weekend but I wanted to share what I know right now. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at



2020 Captain Application

Anyone who is interested in becoming a captain this season is welcome to complete the application found below. Know that your responses will be shared with your teammates, who will then vote on this year's captains. The final decision will be made by the coaches but the team's input will be very important. Most likely our captains this year will be a few seniors with the possibility of 1 or 2 underclassman being selected as well.

This application is due at 11:59 pm on Friday June 5th.

Click Here To Apply

2020 information

A lot is up in the air right now so I am sure you will still have plenty of questions going forward but here is what we know.

Summer Conditioning

Right now we do not have an official conditioning schedule for the summer. Sports are beginning to meet again soon but with a group as large as ours it will be difficult to follow guidelines correctly. Do not worry though, summer condition as a full team will happen! Once we have more concrete information I will post a schedule online. Just know that flexibility will be key as we approach this upcoming season.

Training Plans

If you haven't starting running again you should start today. Nothing too intense yet and nothing too long. You should be running 4-6 times a week right now with nothing more than 5-6 miles. This is a long season and we want to build into it. Official training plans will be posted online on May 30th and they will officially start on June 1st. We will not be meeting as a whole team but it is expected that you start your training now to have the best season this fall.

Returning Letter Winners

Once again we will be making a new uniform specific to this season. Please work together to create a design on this site: I would like to have the design finalized by the first week in June so we can order the uniforms right away.


Captain Applications will also be posted on May 30th and they will be due on June 6th. The team will once again vote on the captains with coaches having a final say.

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy! If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at