CRIC - Center for Recognition and Inspection of Cells

Our team is dedicated to research and development of software tools and organized cell image catalogues through automated cell morphometry and recognition using machine learning. Recent work show advancements on cervical cell analysis of images from SUS (Brazilian Universal Health System), and human brain tissue and cells from Memory and Aging Center at UCSF. Together, we have built analytical and data-driven models using image collections and metadata provided by our collaborators.

Experimental and simulation data allied to high-end computational capabilities for real-time feedback.

Cell analysis tools for detection, morphometry and classification using biomedical information.

Cell database contains digital pictures from conventional Pap smears digitized and classified by UFOP-AMBAR.

Deep learning in cell detection and ranking as in Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics journal (02/2019)

Saliency methods and deep learning



High-res multimodal analysis for structural and functional investigation of tissues from UCSF Grinberg's lab.

Principal investigators:

Collaborating researchers:

  • Alan Magalhaes Braga, M.Sc., UFC
  • Alessandra Gomes, Ph.D., Cytology/Pathology, UFOP
  • Alexander Ehrenberg, Ph.D. candidate, UC Berkeley
  • Daniel Silva Ferreira, M.Sc., Prof, IFCE
  • Flávio Henrique Duarte de Araújo, Ph.D., Prof, CS, UFPI
  • Geraldo Luis Bezerra Ramalho, Ph.D., Prof, IFCE
  • Jeova Farias Rocha Neto, M.Sc., Brown University
  • José Gerardo Fonteles Lopes, UFC
  • Mariana Alegro, PhD, UCSF
  • Mariana Trevisan Rezende, M.Sc., UFOP
  • Marcelo Marques Simões de Souza, Ph.D., Prof, UFC
  • Paulo Henrique Calaes Oliveira, M.Sc., CS, UFOP
  • Regis Cristiano Pinheiro Marquez, Ph.D., Prof, IFCE
  • Romuere Rodrigues Veloso e Silva, Ph.D., Prof, CS, UFPI
  • Silvia Miramontes-Lizarraga, UC Berkeley
  • Tales Mota Machado, M.Sc., UFOP
  • Debora Nasser, UFOP
  • Fagner Bernardo Oliveira, UFOP
  • Douglas Isidoro Wender , UFOP
  • Camila Tropia, UFOP
  • Guilherme Souza Monteiro, UFOP
  • Natália Sol, UFOP


  • Brasil: CAPES, CNPQ, Science without Borders, FAPEMIG, PPSUS,
  • USA: BIDS, Moore-Sloan Foundation

Recent and upcoming events:

  • pyCBIR v.0.3 @ University of California Berkeley: Nov 7th, 2019.
  • cell-meeting @ Federal University of Ceara: Dec 19th, 2018.
  • ImageXD @ University of California Berkeley: May 16th, 2018.
  • CRIC'17 @ Federal University of Ouro Preto: Nov 6th, 2017.
  • cell-meeting @ Federal University of Ceara: June 24th, 2017.