Understanding mechanisms of membrane homeostasis in cells

The theme of the lab is to study how membrane homeostasis is established in cells. To assess "homeostasis" we measure membrane fluctuations and ask ourselves what is conserved? Membrane fluctuations? or Membrane tension? Or Both? Interference Reflection microscopy (IRM), Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) and wide-field imaging are our eyes to look deeply into fluctuations and state of actin/myosin. We sometimes hypo-osmotically shock cells, or stretch them out or de-adhere them - to impart mechanical perturbations. It is well established that the onset of mechanical perturbations triggers cellular responses - activating mechanisms that can preserve membrane homeostasis and hence its integrity. We use the different techniques to ask a repertoire of questions - all finally will end up teaching us about mechanisms of establishing membrane homeosiasis.

What’s going on:

26/7/19 : All the best Shruti! Also Baishali and Shibil. All 14MS from the lab have now stepped out into different exciting areas. We learnt with you. Do well.

23/7/19 : Now online : Cell spread area and traction forces determine myosin-II-based cortex thickness regulation (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bbamcr.2019.07.011 )

19/7/19: All the best Arikta..Pre-submission day!!!

18/7/19: CONGRATULATIONS Rinku - Manuscript on cortex thickness regulation accepted @ BBA Molecular Cell Research. Congrats to Sajjita too :)

17-20 March: BIOSCOPY 2019: We: Very busy!

15 March : IBS 2019 starts. IISER Kolkata is the host. We are busy !

14 March 2019: Congratulations Arikta - Manuscript on cholesterol depletion accepted @ Biophysical Journal. Congrats to all - Purba, Sanchari, Titas :)

August 2018: Tithi joins lab.

March 2018: Moving to new lab.

Feb 2018: Work of Arikta, Purba, Sanchari, Titas on cell rupturing and the role of cholesterol in membrane tension now on Bioarchives: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2018/02/12/264036

Jan2018: Rinku successfully performs traction stress microscopy.

Jan. 2018: New member joins our lab. Welcome Raju Sarkar. Madhura joins the IISER PhD program :)

Oct. 2017: This is the preprint of the Cortex-thickness-work: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2017/10/18/205138

Oct. 2017: Lab Poster Study of Mechanics of Plasma Membrane and Actin Cytoskeleton - Arikta Biswas*, Rinku Kumar*, Kishan, Bidisha Sinha} gets 2nd prize in IISF 2017.

Oct. 2017: Check out the Fluctuation-paper: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bpj.2017.08.041

Sept. 2017: Baishali’s successful in getting a colony of keratocytes from American Cichlids !

Sept. 2017: Arikta’s (and Amal’s) paper has been accepted for publication in Biophys J – Congrats!

June 2017: Vikash gets the Best Masters' thesis Award ! Congrats!