7077 Biblical Numerology


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Bill Presnell

The end of days as prophesied in the bible is 100% coming true. But this is good news, as the end of days has been misinterpreted by religious leaders for many years. The end of days are an end of days for the establishment which are men who have been working under satan’s direction for many many years.

We are at war, this is not a physical war, this is not a religious war, no this is a spiritual war and the way to win it is for everyone to be as informed as possible. No matter what your religion and even if you are an atheist, if you believe in the battle between good and evil, and you want to be on the side of good, then we need your help to build this global awakening.

Trump calls them “the establishment”, but they have many names. The Second Beast, the antichrist machine, the new world order, the round table group, the globalist, the elitists, and the secret society although they are not so secret anymore. We will continue to call them the establishment for Trumps sake.

The bible has several different scriptures that tell us about the days ahead as well as many things that have happened already through this election.

A prophet has written 1 years ago that in 2016 a man will be anointed by God and will become president of America but will save not only his country but the world from Satan as he will be here to change and cleans the lands.

777 ;

We all know that 777 are the numbers of god, but also remember that in the book of matthew,

Matthew 18:21-22King James Version (KJV)

21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?

22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

So that means that 70 7 7 is also a special number regarding forgiveness.

After the final Electoral College vote on December 19, 2016 the difference between Clintons total of 227 and Trump total of 304 was 77 and the number that voted for someone else was 7.

So 777 was a number involving the election of Trump. Out of 306 electors who pledged to vote for Donald J. Trump 304 voted for him so 2 voted for someone else.

Out of 232 electors who pledged to vote for Hillary Clinton 227 voted for her

5 voted for someone else. Another 7

On inauguration day or Jan 20th, Trump would be 70 years 7 months and 7 days old and it happened in year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar.

Also on the day of Obama’s last day in office, Donald Trump’s inauguration, Barrack Obama would be 666 months of age.

Exactly seven months after Trump's first full day in office, there was a total solar eclipse over the US continent, a path that was exclusively in the US that has not happened since 1776, the year recognizing the US Declaration of Independence. Forbes Magazine ranked Trump the 777th riches person in the world.

Donald Trump won the presidential election on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's seventh year, seventh month and seventh day in office.

Donald Trump was born exactly 700 days before Israel declared independence on May 14th, 1948.

777 days after Trump's birth, Israel was exactly 77 days old.

Israel's 70th anniversary will come exactly 700 days after Donald Trump's 70th birthday


The bible says that Lamech was 777 years old when he died. He died 5 years before the flood. So the number to mark the flood is 7775. On Oct 2 2016 the hebrew calendar turned 5777 which is the setting of the end of times.

But 5777 is backwards of the 7775 and mark of the great flood. We know that God promised never to flood us again so in the bible he brought the water to man, but now he will bring the man to the water.

Ezekiel 22:23-31, building a wall to save the country and keeping gods wrath from burning it down.

For years, we have all heard both prophets and bible interpreters state that the next end of days will not end in flood as before, but will end in fire. But now we are able to piece this together to see that God is forgiving us and instead of ending the world in fire, like nuclear fire, he is instead sending a man to build a wall and lead us in a new direction and again, instead of flooding the world or bringing the water to us, he is bringing us to the water.

Donald grew up with 2 brothers & 2 sisters, counting his 2 parents that made a family of 7

Donald now has 3 sons & 2 daughters, counting his wife that makes it currently a family of 7

Donald currently has 7 grandchildren So as he takes the white house we have three generations of 7 or 777.

The bible says that the end of days will have 7 seals, 7 vials and 7 trumps.

Previously, the interpretation was that there would be 7 blows of a trumpet, but now we realize that this is our 7 trumps leading our country.

Isaiah 45

Trump will become the 45th President of the United States in the 45th week of the year

tells us that God has anointed a king by the name of Cyrus who will rule over the land. not just one land but many. this king will not know he is the anointed one until he invades Babylon. (America is the new Babylon) when he invades babylon and meets Daniel. Daniel has been told by god to present Cyrus with a scroll showing him he is the anointed one.

Isaiah 45

45 “Cyrus is my anointed king.

I take hold of his right hand.

I give him the power

to bring nations under his control.

I help him strip kings of their power

to go to war against him.

I break city gates open so he can go through them.

I say to him,

2 ‘I will march out ahead of you.

I will make the mountains level.

I will break down bronze gates.

I will cut through their heavy iron bars.

I believe that Daniel , whoever is playing Daniel today, has already approached Donald and told him of his destiny and the fact that he is the anointed one. If you watch the video of the Reno assassination attempt below, you see Donald shielding his eyes from the glare of the lights above the stage and staring down the gunman, daring him to shoot. He doesn't move, he doesn't duck or run until the secret service pushes him out. He stands firm and calm as you can also see that in the still shot below the video.

He knows he can't be shot, he is under the Lord's protection.


The book of revelations points to this year as the end of days however the book of Isaiah and the book of Daniel talk about the cleansing of Babylon and connecting all the pieces together along with the new prophet still living today we will see that this is a repeat of the cleansing of babylon and that the Lord is about to change the world as we know it. Men lived to 900 years old before the flood, then to an average of 70 years old after the flood. If this is true, that is an example of a completely different reality as we know it. Could we be looking at some type of unimaginable change in our reality?

The bible tells of the 7 headed beast and each head represents an empire that was destroyed. (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, MedoPeria, Greece, Rome and then the British empire in 1776) After the last head was destroyed an 8th head will be resurrected and that 8th head is not America as other may think, but that is when the new world order significantly took over multiple countries when the 7th head (British empire) was slayed. God is sending us a savior to slay the beast and we will show all the proof here that the Savior is Donald Trump.

The name Donald means “ruler of the world” and Trump means “doing it better” so we will be ruling this kingdom better than anything ever before in our history.

Written by Bill Presnell

Update 12-14-2020

7-11 stores worldwide are owned by the illuminati and recently we found out that they have hidden 711 books of the bible from us.

The patriot group behind trump recovered the missing 711 books of the bible. There are 66 known books but now we have all 777 books of the bible.

Those who posses the knowledge of all 777 books will rule the world, Trump wants to declassify everything, he has been itching to tell us everything because he wants all good men of the world to rule themselves.