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This is for the beginners , who have not understood what was happening until now, and now you are curious to all the information you have missed. The first page is going to be podcasts that can help wake and get you up to speed.

To be awakened, you must clear your mind of the matrix, you will not believe anything we tell you until you get your mind clear of the matrix. The matrix is the false reality of the world that most of us were raised in.

I will use my story in as short as possible as an example so that you understand exactly what I mean by getting your head away from the matrix.

You have to understand that everything everything everything is a lie. 10 years of watching Alex Jones and all of the conspiracy theories that have almost every one of them come true made me believe I was awake. My mind was understanding that the news media was always lying to cover up things that were happening that the cabal did. I went down many rabbit holes including the technology they hid and the child trafficking the gun and drug running all over the world conducted by the CIA and ATF. But I realized the day that I watched the fall of the cabal that I was still somewhat stuck in that matrix. I saw Mel Gibson who was my trigger be a hero standing up for the corey boys (haime and feldman) I had hated Mel and thought he was an ahole until then. But it finally clicked, that even when I was privy to all sorts of info about the cia, cabal, wars especially the world wars and how fake they were with the cabal running both sides of all wars that it finally hit me that everything everything everything is a lie. That when someone like Mel Gibson or a long list of other celebrities and politicians do not follow the mason orders given to them that through lies, through set up events, or even assassinations, the persons life and or career is ruined or smeared.

All truths will be revealed


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