Center for Digital Literacy

CDL is a nonprofit organization fostering digital talent

in preparation for the 4th industrial revolution.

A letter to mankind

A letter to mankind,

The 4th industrial revolution has begun. The technologies of the future are interconnected and being developed around artificial intelligence. It is changing our daily lives at a rapid pace and will replace and change many jobs in the future.

The 4th industrial revolution can either be positive or negative for humanity. Now is the crucial moment. In March 2016, AlphaGo, a man-made artificial intelligence, beat the best human ever. It is now in our hands to see if we can make artificial intelligence and future digital technology impact humanity positively, or if the day comes when humanity bows to man-made technology.

Many jobs will disappear and new ones will be created at the same time. People who do not know how to use digital technology wisely and are not wise will be thrown out of their jobs and suppressed by artificial intelligence. On the other hand, smart people who know how to use digital well will create new opportunities and use artificial intelligence to work more productively. As history teaches us, the future is bleak for those who fail to adapt to change, but there will be great opportunities for those who do. Education plays an important role in reaching more people with opportunities.

We need digital citizens with collective intelligence to watch how digital technologies are developed and used, and to act when needed. When there are companies that become evil to make money and political leaders that become evil to maintain their power, we need actionable digital citizens who can see that and act.

As the contactless society is in full swing due to COVID -19, time spent in the cyber world is also increasing. The era of the metaverse, using technologies such as VR, AR and MR is dawning. In the metaverse, a new economy such as education, gaming, entertainment and business is emerging and the way people live is also changing. Future generations must now have 'Metaverse Literacy'.

With the 4th industrial revolution, the world is now digitally centered. How we develop and use the digital is up to us. The digital is like a sword. If you give it to a robber, it becomes a weapon that threatens people's lives, but if you give it to a cook, it becomes a tool that brings food and happiness to people. This is not a digital problem, it's a human problem.

That's why digital education now needs to focus on people in addition to digital technology. That's why we should focus more on people than on technology.

According to Industrial Revolution, humanity has made great progress, but at the same time it has committed many mistakes. It created a materialistic society and promoted a winner-take-all society. If this trend continues in the 4th industrial revolution, humanity could go down the path of extinction. The crisis we are experiencing now is an opportunity. A time of great change is a golden opportunity to correct the problem.

As we nurture digital talent that can prepare for the future, we must all strive to develop digital talent that can solve and prepare for future problems. We must all become digital avengers.

Center for Digital Literacy

Establishment Idea

Advances in technology have brought about many changes to human society and life in general. Agricultural technology has led to an explosion of population growth, and modern industrial technology has enabled mass production and created massive capital. With artificial intelligence at its center, digital technology will bring tremendous changes, the likes of which we have never before experienced. The future development of technology will reinvent human labor values and, unfortunately, dismantle many jobs at the same time. A person who neither knows how to use digital technology nor is good at it will lose their job and be forced to do the work left to them by artificial intelligence. On the other hand, a wise person who knows how to make a good use of digital technology will be able to create new opportunities, utilize artificial intelligence, and work more productively.

The role of education is important as it allows more people to have a chance. Many people work hard to improve their level of education but, unfortunately, it's not enough to keep up with the rapid pace of digital and artificial intelligence technologies. CDL is a nonprofit corporation division that was established to help minimize the gap between the speed of digital technology development and the speed of education. It was founded to help individuals live better lives and to create a better world for everyone by improving their digital skills and ethics, which are the survival skills necessary in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Mission & Vision

Core Value



  • Project for Seoul Metropolitan Education Community: operation of a café where schools and villages meet

  • The National Unification Committee and the story of the life of the father and mother written by their children

  • Development of Digital Literacy Education Contents Sponsored by Google Korea

  • Special Lectures on the Fourth School Revolution to 3,500 Middle School Students & 1,000 Parents

  • Planned and hosted the youth forum "Let’s make a Free semester!”

  • ‘Traffic Safety Coding Robot’ camp in at Busan City Elementary School, sponsored by Renault Samsung


  • Developing Digital Quotient (DQ) models and self-diagnosis complexes

  • Master of Digital Literacy, promote Coach Cultivation

  • Publish Digital Literacy Texts for Middle School Teachers and Students

  • Development of Digital Literacy Curriculum and Youth Education sponsored by

  • Launched Digital Literacy Training for Primary, Middle, and High School Teachers in Korea

  • 2nd ‘Traffic Safety Coding Robot’ camp at Busan City Elementary School, sponsored by Renault Samsung

  • 3rd ‘Traffic Safety Coding Robot’ camp at Busan City Elementary School, sponsored by Renault Samsung

  • A Study on the Application of KERIS Digital Literacy Curriculum

  • 1st Digital Literacy Education Seminar


  • Documentary AlphaGo premiere & expert panel discussion

  • Thermo Fisher Korea Digital Paradigm Shift Consulting

  • Commence Digital Literacy Education for Children with Criminal Records and Disabilities

  • Korean-French Youth Exchange Video Tele-education and Debate

  • Conducting a Sympathy Room with Korean Novelis

  • Signing the Korea Altare(알테어) MOU and Joint Development of Digital Twin Education Training and Education Content

  • Train U.S. and French teachers via Remote Digital Literacy Class

  • Digital Culture and Arts Education in Vietnam's Laogai ODA

  • SBA MOU and YouTube Creator Training

  • Asan Nanum Foundation and Entrepreneurship Education

  • A Feasibility Study for the Future School of KERIS (KERIS)

  • National Assembly Conference on the Spread of Digital Literacy Education

  • Joint Korean NPO Conference and Conference for Advancement of International Donation Culture

  • 2nd Digital Literacy Education Seminar co-hosted by the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education


  • 3rd Development of Digital Literacy Curriculum and Youth Education sponsored by

  • Development of a Digital Sex Education Program for Children and Support Schools

  • Digital & Media Literacy Book Published

  • Development and Research of Safety Education Content for Bicycles Using VR with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Facebook Korea and 'First Social Media' Training for Youth for Healthy SNS use

  • Signing an MOU with the National Museum of Korea and Conducting Digital Culture and Arts Education for Youths

  • Korea Information Society Agency (NIA) co-hosted 'Beautiful Digital World' Conference

  • Education to strengthen the ability of public officials to utilize big data at the Central Education Training Institute

  • 2019 Global Media Literacy Summit (London) Korean Case Announcement

  • Social innovators at Seoul Innovation Park, Social Venture Digital Literacy Education

  • Korea Cartoon Museum's MOU and Development of Digital Education Content for Children


  • Signed a MOU with the National Library of Korea and developed digital educational content

  • Google Art&Culture's Ungno Lee Museum study guide project

  • Signed MOU with Gwangju Lifelong Education Promotion Agency and developed digital educational content

  • Edu MASK (Education Make A Safe Korea!) public interest distance education campaign

  • Distance learning project held in response to COVID -19 'Teacher ON Screen' course

  • Signing of a MOU with the Jungbu Office for education and development of Digital Education content

  • Signed a MOU with Seoul Jung -gu Office for digital education content development

  • MOU signed with Seoul Museum for history and curatorial education

  • Signed a MOU with the Ewha Womans University using artificial intelligence and Big Data

  • Signed a MOU with the Korea Manhwa Museum and developing digital educational content to promote children cartoonists

  • Signed a MOU with Seoul Innovation Park to provide digital literacy training to social innovators and social enterprises


  • Signed a MOU with Korean Cultural Centre in Poland, delivering digital culture and arts education

  • Signed MOU with Woosong University

  • Signed a training for teachers in academic year with Seoul Education and Training Institute

  • Provided distance learning training in digital literacy for Daesang Group, AK Group and Samsung SDS

  • Distance training in digital literacy for local government human resource development centre officials

  • Distance training in digital literacy for employees of local public enterprises by Local Public Enterprise Evaluation Institute

  • Digital literacy workshop for students and professors of Yonsei University, Korea University, Dongguk University, Sangmyung University and Kyunghee University

  • Signing a MOU with Daegu International High School and conducting digital literacy training courses

  • Research on 'Digital Literacy Framework for Teachers' with Daegu Future Education Research Institute

  • Signing a MOU with Soongsil University's Spartan SW Education Centre to develop digital education content

  • 2020 Youth, Teacher's Choice YouTube Channel Awards 'Digital Literacy Conference 2021 - Sharing knowledge on the shoulders of giants'

Field of business

1. Enterprise/institutional education business

  • Training employees to improve their digital skills

  • Digital data literatures strategy/policy training

  • Enterprise/organization digital utilization marketing skills strengthening training

  • Digital utilization training for venture start-ups

2. Public Education Innovation Support Project

  • Development and delivery of digital educational content

  • Strengthening teacher digital education skills through training

  • Direct education of students conducted by digital coaches

  • Education for improving parental awareness

3. Business to resolve information gaps and digital inequality

  • Digital information and media alienation, gap-narrowing education

  • Off-campus youth, those with disability, and North Korean defector digital education

  • Senior digital life & financial education

  • Youth digital entrepreneurship education

4. Overseas Exchanges and Campaigns

  • Overseas youth education in the US, France, China, Vietnam, etc

  • Strengthening teachers' digital education capabilities through training of local teachers

  • South international exchange campaign

  • DQ international cooperation research


PARK IL JUN, Co-representative & chairman

  • CEO of KCMG Korea Conflict Management Headquarters

  • Chairman of the Public Service Marketing Cooperative PUB23

  • EBS Social Contribution Specialist

  • Representative of A Life Corporation

  • CEO of InComm Brodeur

  • Kumkang Planning Advertising Planning Team

  • UCLA Extension, Film & Entertainment

  • Yonsei University Social Welfare

KIM MYO EUN, Co-representative vice-chairman

  • Vice-chairman of Korea Federation of Science and Culture Education Organizations

  • Director of International Children and Youth Theater Association

  • Judge of Blog Award Korea

  • EBS Social Contribution Specialist

  • CEO of Namuon Co., Ltd.

  • Executive Director of HappyWeb & Media, SK Foundation

  • IMC Business Manager of Publications Modem

  • Master of Fine Arts, Hongik University