Creek Girls Soccer

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Whether you are a Division 1 bound athlete, or a recreational player, we strive to find a place for every player at every level. Last Spring we fielded 5 teams – Varsity, JV, JV-2, Scarlet (Freshmen/Sophomore), and Royal (Freshmen/Sophomore).

Important Dates 2021-2022

  • October 26 / Off-Season Kick-Arounds Begins. Tues/Thur 3:45pm - 5:00pm @ Stutler or the new turf field (weather permitting). Dates are: 10/26, 10/28, 11/2, 11/4, 11/9, 11/11, 11/16, 11/18, 11/30, 12/2

  • November 2 / Player Info Meeting 3:45pm @ Shillinglaw

  • January 3 - February 25 / Indoor Soccer League @ Family Sports Dome

  • February 14-18 and February 23-25 / Pre-Season Camp 4-5:30pm @ Stutler Bowl or the new turf field (weather permitting)

  • February 28 - March 4 / Tryouts

  • March 4 / All Teams Pasta Dinner in West Cafe 5:45pm - 7:00pm

  • March 5 / Scrimmage Day & Parent Team Meetings / 8:30am Scrimmages @ GV Fields / 10:15am Player/Parent Meetings

  • March 8 / Varsity, JV, and JV-2 Team Picture Day 4:00pm @ Sundial

  • March 9 / Scarlet and Royal Team Picture Day 4:00pm @ Sundial

  • March 11-12 / Varsity Trip to Grand Junction

**Please note that this is the first weekend of Spring Break so plan accordingly. We will be back in Denver late in the day on Saturday the 12th.

  • March 10 - May 7 / Regular Season Play for All Teams

  • May 10 / Varsity Playoffs Begin

  • May 25 / Varsity Championship

All dates are subject to change


  • Home: Blue Jersey / Blue Shorts / Blue Socks

  • Away: White Jersey / White Shorts / White Socks

Season Pictures

Browse and download team photos and action shots taken throughout the season by your team's parent photographer!

Booster Club

The Cherry Creek High School Girls Soccer Booster Club is dedicated to serving and supporting the Girls Soccer program. The Booster Club represents the entire Girls Soccer program — including Varsity, JV, JV-2, Royal, and Scarlet teams. Our goal is to make Girls Soccer fun and enjoyable for the players, parents, and coaches.

The Booster Club raises funds to provide uniforms, equipment needs, the all-players dinner, end of season team banquets, and many other things that make Cherry Creek Girls Soccer such a great program! Each year, the Booster Club designs and sells Creek soccer clothing packages to players. It is our only fund raiser of the season and by purchasing a clothing package you become a Booster supporter and your player enjoys wearing fun Creek soccer swag throughout the season with their teammates!

It is our hope that every player purchases one of the Booster clothing packages as contributions allow the players to circumvent major fundraising initiatives.

How can you support the booster program?

  • Become a Booster supporter by purchasing a Booster clothing package for your player. Players enjoy wearing it and parents love there is no major fundraising! Booster clothing package sales usually start in January. This allows us to deliver them to players right before the season starts on Spirit/Scrimmage Day.

  • Volunteer to help coordinate various events such as indoor, the all-players dinner, become a team parent or serve on the Booster Board.

All parents are welcome to attend Booster Club meetings!


Booster club meetings will be held at 7pm virtually via Zoom on the following dates:

10/5/21 Agenda: Click here
Minutes: Click here








Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 845 3378 3964 , Passcode: 540864

Board & Committee chairs

Co-Presidents | Kristi Budish / Email and Heather Sabatier / Email

VP | David Gamelin / Email

Secretary | Kim Frey / Email

Treasurer | Jennifer Bub / Email

Booster Apparel | Tracy Edwards / Email

Team Parent Coordinator | Natalie Morris Email

Indoor Coordinators | Natalie Morris / Email and Hope Luttrell / Email

Social Media | Rick Onodera / Email

Print Specialist | Open

All-Teams Pasta Dinner Coordinator | Kristi Budish / Email

Website | Heather Sabatier / Email

Varsity Photographer | Lisa D'Ambrosia / Email

Varsity Game Announcer | Open

Grand Junction Trip Coordinator | Lisa D'Ambrosia / Email

Senior Night | Open