Membership and Rules

2024 Membership application

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Contact John Boia, CCERA Membership Coordinator, at with any questions regarding membership


The pool has your typical set of rules and regulations that are expected to be followed when on the property. You've agreed to follow these rules and to the final authority of the lifeguards on duty when you signed your membership form.


Guests:  Guest must be with a member (13 or over) at all times. If you bring a guest, they MUST leave when you leave.  Only paying guest with a member may enter the pool grounds. 

Smoking policy:  There is NO smoking or vaping allowed on pool grounds.  Please go outside pool grounds by the tree closest to Leymar Dr. Also, please properly dispose of your trash or smoking on grounds will be revoked. 

Container policy:  Of course please bring what you need to the pool to stay all day!!  However, no glass.  Glass containers are prohibited past the guard shack, do not bring them into the pool area, if you do you will be asked to remove them from the property.  

Non-Potty trained children:  CCERA will be following Anne Arundel County recommendations for non-potty trained children.  Please review those guidelines if you have questions.

Parties:  If you are planning to have a party with 10 to 30 people, you must fill out a party contract (see guards).  All guests, swimming or not are $5. 

Parking: We have limited handicapped parking spaces.  Please be considerate to those who may need it.

Baby Pool:  There is no Lifeguard on duty in the baby pool.  You must be inside the baby pool fence with your child when they are in the baby pool.  Also, puddle jumpers and lifejackets can not replace your presence when your child is in the big pool.  Please watch your children and be sure they are abiding by the rules.

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and want to ensure everyone is happy and safe!


Please read the attached bylaws for questions or clarification on how the association is operated.!AmttLCw5hJtbm3fVRFWwlGyHPvan?e=GGDDw1 

CCERA 2024 Application Form.pdf