C.A.T. — Résumé



  • Catalisando Conteúdo (since 2016), as an individual microentrepreneur, working on content direction/production, reporting, event coverage, consulting, lectures and media training. Clients: DocPro, Infnet, Infoglobo Studio, Globo TV, Colabora Project.

  • O GLOBO newspaper & site - journalist registered in the Ministry of Labor under number 31243 / RJ. From March 4, 1991 to February 6, 2017, first as a weekly technology columnist and later working in Society / Technology and Economics / Digital & Media, "Revista Digital" and INFOetc sections and in Digital Media Department as a reporter and presenter, covering technology in general, social media, internet, events, Web, computing and telecommunications. Was the first professional journalist to write regularly about the internet in the Brazilian press.

  • Lecturer on technological topics, future and related (since 1995).

  • Portuguese teacher for foreigners [non-Brazilian and non-Portuguese] (in person and online — since 2011).

  • FORUM PCs (2005-2011) as a technology columnist.

  • Anchor on Web-TV program Byte WTN (2006-2011).

  • TV Brasil (2002-2008, then TVE), as commentator of the program "Comentário Geral".

  • External expert collaborator of the Great Houaiss Dictionary of the Portuguese Language, elaborating the 2nd edition of this work, developing revision and entry writing in the area of ​​computers and systems (July 2008 to May 2009).

  • Professor at Infnet Institute (2007-2008), lecturing "Writing and Technical Documentation" and "Instrumental English" in Information Technology and Graphic Design courses.

  • O GLOBO's website (2003-2017), as the author of the blog "Catalisando", covering the most diverse topics.

  • Technology site editor at "Magnet" (2006-2008), which provided content for Yahoo! and Terra.

  • Yahoo! - Technology Columnist (2005-2007).

  • PromoINFO (2005), website columnist and commentator on TV program PromoINFO, on TV Record Rio.

  • Magazine SHELL NEWS (2004-2006), as a technology columnist.

  • DIFERENCIAL ASSESSORIA DE MARKETING LTDA (from June 2002 to October 2003) systems adviser working at SHELL BRASIL LTDA, in the crisis management team, working in project management, media training and technological support.

  • GLOBONEWS.COM site (from July 2001 to October 2002) technology and economy commentator. Daily articles and notes in the Parabolica section.

  • PLAYBOY Magazine (2001-2003), writer and reporter.

  • HIPERMÍDIA.NET (2000) director of computer science and technology, responsible for building the web site. Negotiation with Globo.com portal.Definition and deployment of the site. Recruitment, selection and management of telecom, hardware and software teams, for writing and content.

  • HIPERMÍDIA TV (1998-2000), as a radio (CBN) and TV (GNT cable channel) commentator on technology, internet and telecommunications.

  • CBN Radio (2000), as tech commentator.

  • TVE Brasil (1998), as a debater in "Sem Censura" program.

  • AQUI website. (1998), internet and technology columnist, in charge of Books section.

  • EDITORA CAMPUS (1995-1999), translator and proofreader.

  • EMBRATEL (1997-1999), editor, translator and reviewer.

  • EDITORA ROCCO (1997-1998), technical reviewer.

  • EDIOURO - INTERNET.BR Magazine (1996-1999), as a fixed columnist (column Catiripapo) and occasional writer covering internet in its technological, anthropological and social aspects.

  • AKASHA INFORMÁTICA LTDA. (1988-1998), as chief executive officer. Consulting, support and training in computer systems and CAD.

  • COBRA COMPUTERS (1986-1990), Product Engineering Division, senior systems analyst in computer graphics and CAD / CAM, and the role of manager of production of printed circuit boards (SECOG).

  • MINISTRY OF THE NAVY - DHN, Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation (1984-1986), as senior systems analyst, in the Departments of Hydrography and Informatics, acting as Coordinator of Computer Graphics of CAC (Computer Supported Cartography), managing team of 8 systems and cartography professionals.

  • MINISTRY OF THE NAVY - DINFO, former Institute of Data Processing and Information Technology of the Navy - IPDIM, in the Systems Development Division, as junior (1982-1983) and senior programmer (1983), acting in national support to clients and in the development of civilian personnel administration systems.

  • MEDIDATA Sistemas S/C Ltda. at DSA - Software and Applications Division (1982) as junior programmer, working in application systems, support, management systems and product programs, coding in Mumps and Assembler languages.

  • PUC-RJ DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMY (1982), as programmer supporting of Profs. Eduardo Modiano and Rogério Werneck. Definition, programming and operation of non-linear systems, Interact (Cullinane Corporation), Phoenix, TSO and Minos, using Fortran and PL/I languages.

  • WIT-OLAF PROCHNIK SCL ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNING (1981-1982), as junior programmer. Development of administrative systems in Interact (Cullinane Corporation), Phoenix and ATF environments. Programming in Cobol and PL/I languages.


  • Graduation on Systems Analysis, Technologist in Data Processing - Project XV, PUC / RJ (1981-1984)

  • Graduation on Nuclear Physics - incomplete, PUC / RJ (1978-1981)

  • 1º and 2 degrees, Colégio Rio de Janeiro (1972-1977), professionalizing in Electronics and Electrotechnology

  • Primary Course, English Course for Children (Daisy Serra College), RJ (1964-1971)

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