Read-Alouds and lessons with Ms. Caudle

Carrie loves being able to make meaningful connections with so many children as a classroom teacher. Here, she shares her love for picture books with kids (and their grown-ups!) everywhere. Settle back and enjoy some children's literature with Ms. Caudle!

Bridging Carrie's experience as a performer and educator, she is proud to bring read-alouds and engaging lessons directly to children all around the world.

social justice

What Can a Citizen Do?

Gender identity

They She He Me: Free to Be!

black lives matter

All Because You Matter

growth mindset

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

inspiring people

Malala's Magic Pencil

Nature    (+art lesson)

Leaf Man

silly, fun books

The Book With No Pictures

classic books

Caps for Sale

engaging science lessons

Using project-based and thematic learning as guiding principles, Carrie takes these "tidepool explorers" on a learning adventure...and does some ridiculous impressions.  Fun!