I am the founder and co-producer of RagTag Improv. We perform at various theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out our website for details!

I am also a featured guest with BATS Improv and am one half of the improv duo Chatterbox with Benoît Monin.

I love studying, practicing and performing improvisational theater. There is something magical about creating a brand-new reality on a bare stage using only your imagination, spontaneity, and trust in your fellow players. I am compelled to play real characters who are grounded in the moment, and I am overwhelmed with a sense of awe and delight when these moments help our incredible audiences to feel something they hadn't imagined would occur. Whether it's a full belly laugh, a gasp, or stifled tears, the reactions of our audience members fuel my passion for playing like a kid up on stage.

I have been lucky enough to study with some of the best in the business. From my acting training with Danny Scheie and Mel Wong at UC Santa Cruz, to my extensive training through BATS Improv and private master classes in San Francisco, my coaches have pushed and supported me in this challenging, engaging art form. I eat up both long-form and short scenes/games, and I enjoy pushing boundaries by creating new forms of improv with my colleagues in this art of play.

I perform regularly in multiple formats with RagTag Improv and Chatterbox, and I am a featured guest performer with BATS Improv. I have also guested with The Iron Stage (improvised Game of Thrones), and Phasers on Stun (improvised Star Trek). Previously, I performed with The San Francisco Improv Collective, Fractured Dimensions, Shut Up and Kiss Me, Points of View, Tiny Godzilla, Marinprov, and Two by Two.