Carrie Carlson Ceramic pieces are handmade in Portland Oregon. All of the pieces are fired in small batches and are one of a kind. The process of transforming raw clay into the finished pieces you see on this site take multiple stages of treatments and firings, each ranging in their time and complexity to complete. The average piece takes 3 weeks to complete from start to finish. Carrie has been creating ceramics for 25 years and shares her home studio with her husband Matt Carlson who teaches art at a local high school. Together with their twin boys, Carrie and Matt host local art events in their garage gallery space supporting and celebrating other local talents and raising money for causes that are important to them. After the birth of their twins, Carrie started her new job as a full time mom, after working in the non-profit sector for over half a decade. Making ceramics is her creative outlet and way of connecting with her community. Thank you for supporting this woman owned small business.

Bio: Carrie Carlson

I have been working with ceramics since 1995. I was drawn to ceramics because it has all of the elements: Earth, water, air, and fire (and symmetry). Working with clay makes me present and focused. I love that it is both so simple and so incredibly complex. Some of my most favorite things about ceramics is that the finished pieces can be given as a gift, used to share food or flowers, or to connect people together through sharing a process or a story. I hope you enjoy my work and can come check-out our studio and gallery space.