Seminar Series

2019 Schedule

11am to 12:15pm, A101 (*)


03.18 Guillermo Alves (CAF) - On the Determinants of Slum Formation: The Role of Local Politics and Policies.


04.09 José Manuel Paz y Miño (Indiana University) - Nationalistic Bias in Collusion Prosecution: The Case for International Antitrust Agreements.

04.11 Leandro Zipitría (dECON) - The Role of Variety in Explaining Law of One Price Deviations.

04.24 Matías Brum (Universidad de la República) - Do Dictatorships Affect People’s Long Term Beliefs and Preferences? An Empirical Assessment of the Latin American Case.


06.05 Gabriel Katz (University of Exeter) - Money in Judicial Politics: Individual Contributions and Collective Decisions.

06.12 Ana Balsa (Universidad de Montevideo) - Using Behavioral Insights in Early Childhood Interventions.


08.14 Fernando López (Universidad Alberto Hurtado) - TBA.

08.21 Scott Cunningham (Baylor University) - TBA.


TBA Gabriel Burdin (Leeds University) - TBA.

2018 Schedule


04.11 Rodrigo Lluberas (Central Bank of Uruguay) - New Information and Inflation Expectations Among Firms.

04.25 Giorgio Chiovelli (London Business School) - Land Mines and Spatial Development.


05.02 Rodrigo Ceni (Universidad de la República) - Subjective Well-Being Among Deprived Young People.

05.25 Juan Carlos Hatchondo (Indiana University) - Fiscal Rules and the Sovereign Default Premium.


07.04 Pedro CL Souza (University of Warwick) - Recovering Social Networks from Panel Data.


08.03 Germán Cubas (University of Houston) - Coordinated Work Schedules and the Gender Wage Gap.

08.08 Julio Garín (Claremont McKenna College) - Repatriation Taxes.

08.15 Sebastián Fleitas (KU Leuven) - Dynamic Competition when Consumers Have Inertia: Evidence from Medicare Part D.

08.21 Lorenzo Caliendo (Yale University) - Trade and Labor Market Dynamics: General Equilibrium Analysis of the China Trade Shock.

08.29 Mariana Zerpa (KU Leuven) - Preschool Education and Child Development and Health: Evidence from State Pre-K Programs.


09.05 Emiliano Tealde (CINVE) - The Unequal Impact of Natural Light on Crime.

09.19 Marco Giani (King's College London) - Out-Group Discrimination under Terror Threat.


10.10 Álvaro Forteza (Universidad de la República) - Electoral Accountability and Checks and Balances in the Presence of Concerns for Political Inaction.

10.31 Diego Aboal (CINVE) - Contract Enforcement and Investment: A Systematic Review of the Evidence.


11.14 Tommy Murphy (Universidad de San Andrés) - Following the Poppy Trail: Causes and Consequences of Mexican Drug Cartels.

11.16 Marcela Perticará (Universidad Alberto Hurtado) - Home Alone vs Kids Club: Adult Supervision Matters for Grades.

11.21 Marcelo Bérgolo (Universidad de la República) - Tax Bunching at the Kink in the Presence of Low

Capacity of Enforcement: Evidence From Uruguay.

11.23 Eugenio Giolito (Universidad Alberto Hurtado) - Minimum Age Requirements and the role of the School Choice Set.

11.30 John Londregan (Princeton University) - The Effects of Political Institutions on the Extensive and Intensive Margins of Trade.


12.19 Luciana Etcheverry (University of Oregon) - Effect of Paid Paternity Leave on Paternal Involvement and Labor Market Outcomes.

(*) Unless otherwise stated by email.