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Scholarships, fellowships, grants, and outreach opportunities for diverse geoscientists.


About Carbon to Carbon...

Carbon to Carbon is a resource listing of scholarships, grants, mentoring, and networking opportunities with the aim of increasing diversity in the geosciences. 

Carbon is my favorite element. It is super diverse, forming more compounds than any other element to date (almost ten million compounds), in its purest form it is both one of the softest and hardest materials, and of course it is one of the foundations of known life on Earth. Carbon bonds readily with other (small) atoms, including other carbon atoms and relative to other single bonds, C-C bonds are pretty strong, not to mention those double and triple bonds! Insert metaphor: we are diverse and when we work together we are pretty strong too. 


About me...

I am a geochemist, specializing in soil (carbon) biogeochemistry and actively involved in geoscience outreach and education. Throughout my career, I have benefited from many initiatives focused on improving racial, ethnic, and gender disparities in STEM. 

I created this site to centralize resources for diverse geoscientists, because you can never really have too many (resources or geoscientists!). Use the contact form if you have any suggestions or resources to add.