What is mindfulness?

Video 1: Explore a mystery container with me and discover what mindfulness is all about! Find out what being mindful means, how it might be helpful to you, and how you could start your own simple mindful practice.

Create your own container

Video 2: Create a container that can be used as part of a daily check-in mindful practice! In this video, I will guide you in a simple exploration of feelings where we will notice the details about what different emotions feel like to each of us. We will capture our observations on cards to use with our containers so we can better notice what is going on inside ourselves at any moment throughout our days.

Taming T-Rex

Video 3: Tame your T-Rex with Mindfulness! T-Rex can symbolize strong emotions that take us over. With a mindful approach, we can tame our overwhelming feelings, give them space, and move forward in life in a more productive and peaceful way.

Deep Gratitude

Video 4: There are 2 types of gratitude: Surface Gratitude and Deep Gratitude. Deep Gratitude is a very mindful approach to appreciating Life. In this video, we will explore what it means to pause, notice, and really investigate ways in which events, people, and things bring goodness into our lives.

Follow the Ants

Video 5: Pause with me to watch the garden ants. We will experience the shift from a small, minimal perspective on life to an expansive, all-encompassing one. We will explore what it means to 'be the space' instead of 'the stuff' in our lives. When we can truly see the big picture, our actions are much more empowered. We no longer react quickly to every small thing in our environment. By pausing, noticing, and really seeing the landscape of life, we learn to respond when needed in much more intentional and effective ways.

Draw a Tree

Video 6: Draw a tree with me! Let's see how the natural world can come alive when we pause and curiously investigate some tree details that are often overlooked!

Mindfulness teaches us to see clearly what is in front of us...which is a great place to start if you want to improve your drawing skills! You can only draw something as well as you can truly see it!

Savor Food

Video 7: All about food! Join me and my daughter as we explore the tastes and textures of some of our favorite snacks! Eating is an example of an auto-pilot behavior that is often ignored which makes it a great focal point for mindfulness. By intentionally pausing and slowing down this experience, we can rediscover the joy and fun of nourishing our bodies!

Pick out some of your favorite foods and join us for a mindful savoring session!

Pretend to be an Animal

Video 8: Explore your world as if you were an animal! How would things look differently if you were tiny like a snail, playful like a cat, or GIGANTIC like an elephant? Join me and my daughter Hazel as we dress up and explore typical household items as different animals! Our point of view, or perspective in life, is entirely dependent on who we are and what our experiences are...to be mindful is to pause and allow ourselves to explore and allow something to change depending on how we look at it! Which animal will you pretend to be so you can explore with us from a new point of view!?