Zoning Cases by year 2020-2021

Zoning Cases 2004-2015 are in the Archive and are listed by location on Canton Hwy Link to Archive

Zoning Cases 2021

February: Z-7 Ecton Drive GC to NRC for Light Automotive Repair Approved on Consent

March- No Zoning, Other Business or Variance Cases this month.


Z-14 Pearl River Brothers LLC, from GC to NRC for restaurant, former Rib Ranch site. Planning Commission April 6, BoC Zoning April 20 Approved on Consent Agenda.

OB 17 4986 Canton Hwy, Jason Womack, to add 25,000 sf warehouse to existing warehouse, contiguous to Quikrete BoC April 20 Approved 5-0 subject to Staff recommendations, particularly Fire and Stormwater regarding underground detention.

MAY No zoning or Other Business cases CRN area

JUNE No zoning cases CRN area, however a significant rezoning, Z-31, Pulte ,has submitted a residential rezoning application on Ebenezer Rd, on 49 acres owned by Mr. & Mrs. Phillips. Staff recommends Deletion to R-15 from requested R-15 OSC and RA-5. Continued until August

June 15, BoC Zoning : Other Business 29, 3778 Canton Hwy. To amend stipulations Continued

JULY Z-31, Pulte ,has submitted a residential rezoning application on Ebenezer Rd, on 49 acres owned by Mr. & Mrs. Phillips. Staff recommends Deletion to R-15 from requested R-15 OSC and RA-5. Continued until July. Continued again until August

Other Business 29, 3778 Canton Hwy. To amend stipulations Approved on Consent


V-82 Wendy's GA Canton Road at Chance

Z-31 Pulte, Ebenezer Road 49 acres, R-20 to R-15 OSC Continued until September

Z-58 Application of Linda Powell to rezone .86 acre tract (former Alpha Trophy on Canton at Hawkins Store) from GC to NRC for office and retail Recommended for Approval by PC on Consent Agenda

Zoning Cases 2020


Z-15 Chesterfield Dr. Morgan Personal Care Home, east side of Canton (2670) at Chesterfield Drive PC recommended Deletion to LRO, other stipulations

LUP 2 West side of Canton Hwy (2511) at Blackwell Ln. , Temporary Land Use permit to occupy the 2nd floor of Dental Building as residence. On Consent recommended for Approval

BZA Sign Variance Covenant Presbyterian, Approved

Feb.18 BOC LUP-2, Z-15 Approved on Consent

The Covid 19 Virus caused postponement of zoning cases in the early spring. When they resumed, they were for the most part held virtually by the PC, BoC and community participation was virtual.

Upcoming zoning hearings rescheduled

    • The Board of Commissioners zoning hearing scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, has been cancelled.The April zoning hearings for the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Board of Commissioners have also been cancelled and rescheduled:

        • The April 7 Planning Commission hearing has been rescheduled for May 5

        • The April 15 Board of Zoning Appeals hearing has been rescheduled for May 13

        • The April 21 Board of Commissioners zoning hearing has been rescheduled for May 19

March SLUP 3 Crawford Landscaping, Withdrawn without prejudice

April V-38 to be heard in May, No zoning or OB cases CRN area

May no zoning cases CRN area, Other Business 22 Shaw Road; V 38 Shannon at Verney, will be heard by BZA

June LUP 9, 644 and 646 Suholden PC recommended Denying LUP 9 but gave applicant 6 months to build garage. .

June 16 BoC Zoning meeting LUP 9 CONTINUED to July 21 meeting

June 29th Marietta Board of Zoning Appeals 6 pm V2020-16 Sandy Plains (next to Wendy's) reduce (rear) buffer from 40' to 5' next to residential Approved

JULY SLUP 7 Quikrete was on Consent Agenda and recommended for approval by Planning Commission, Now will be Continued by Staff until the August BoC Zoning Meeting due to Zoning signs not posted along frontage.

LUP 9 Suholden has been withdrawn

JULY 27 , V2020-24 Marietta BZA 1401 1411 BELLS FERRY Approved

AUGUST 18th 9 am SLUP 7 QUIKRETE 4960 CANTON Approved by BoC 3-2 Boyce, Cupid opposed

August 24th 6 pm CITY OF MARIETTA BZA V 2020-21 1705 WHITE CIRCLE Withdrawn without prejudice


Z-44 Peach State Salvage GC to LI (Rustique) Canton Rd., (continued until October 6)

SLUP 9 Christian Crawford, east side of Fowler Circle, Current use of property: Farm and Garden Supply. Proposed use: Chipping, grinding, or reduction of tree debris and vegetative waste transfer Continued until Oct 6

SLUP 8 Property Masters, LEE WATERS RD Current use of property: Special Contractor, Landscaping. Proposed use: Transfer Station, Outside Storage Continued until October 6

OB 47 Guffin Lane Cool Air Continued until October

OB 53 Smith Douglas Homes Canton Hwy at Kensington Approved on Consent for site plan modification re landscaping and sidewalks on Kensington.


Z-44 Peach State Salvage GC to LI





October Board of Commissioners Zoning

Z-44 Peach State Salvage GC to LI, Deleted to NRC with stipulations Approved on Consent

Z-57 2165 Canton (former GH Horseshoe) BoC Approved on Consent GC to NRC with stipulations for Georgia Clean.

Z-60 2120 Canton (Petroplex, Tom Mitchell) Approved by BoC Deletion to NRC for use by Tailgate.com only RVs stored behind the fence with one outside for demonstration and pickup during the day only. Right in Right out for RV traffic on Canton. The owner, Tom Mitchell, owner of the site (Petroplex) has filed suit against Cobb County.

SLUP 9 Crawford Landscaping Fowler Circle Approved on Consent No chipping or grinding of tree stumps

SLUP 8 Lockhart Holdings aka Property Masters Lee Waters Rd Approved on Consent.

OB 47 Cool Air Guffin Lane Approved on Consent GC to LI


OB 59 2558 Canton Approved on Consent for Granite Countertops

OB 61 760 Hawkins Store to amend stipulation 4 (1997) to allow other business

Z 65 3481 Canton at Blackwell OI to CRC to allow RV trailer sales Continued until December Planning Commission

LUP 18 east side of Piedmont Drive south of Umland Single-family residential Proposed Use To allow more adults and vehicles than the code allows BoC Denied

She was asked to fill that seat after Planning Commissioner Williams' death in January due to Covid 19.