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Why this project?

Being diagnosed ASD when I was 7 years old, I encountered many social and executive functioning challenges all my life. Even so, my parents always pushed me to do my best and remain engaged in schooling and activities just like any other kid. One of those activities was scouting.

I’m proud to have participated in many community service opportunities that scouting has offered. I started off as a Cub Scout, worked my way up to earning my Arrow of Light as a Webelo, and now at 17 years old in my senior year South Shore Votech High School (studying electronics & engineering), I’m able to make yet another public service contribution as a Life Scout, fulfilling my service project requirements to earn the Eagle Scout rank.

When seeking an Eagle Scout project, I decided that I wanted to do something that helped the disabled. The historic Weir Farm in Hingham, produces fresh, seasonal veggies, pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, and eggs, and teaches kids of all ages about farming and the natural world. The Trustee’s manage this property and at 112 Turkey Hill Lane in Hingham, MA they operate The Weir River Market open to the public selling the produce, eggs, and meat produced from the farm.

It is at this farm store, where my fellow Boy Scouts, scouting adults, other volunteers and I will install a much needed wheelchair ramp and other provisions to enable public handicap access to the Weir River Market.

What is my project?

The Weir River Market at 112 Turkey Hill Lane is open to the public selling food products produced at the Weir Farm. The property lacked facilities for handicapped access requiring installation of a ramp and replacement of a door to accommodate wheelchair access.

Sign out front

Front view from Turkey Hill Lane

View from Parking

Entrance to Weir River Market

The view out back

The access to the market is on the right/East side of the property towards the rear. From the parking area across the street or at front/road side of the yellow house, you proceed towards the back and step up on the deck to your left and directly into the door off the deck.

The ramp constructed for this project will include an extension to the deck to accommodate entry from the ramp that extends out towards the street. Patrons that need to use the handicap access accommodations, will park and enter on to a concrete pad at the base/beginning of the ramp (entry beside parking towards front of house) and make their way up to the extended deck/landing, turn left and proceed onto the existing decking and enter through the existing entrance door. There is pitch (1/12) requirements for the ramp as well as width clearance between the hand rails. Also railing will be required on both sides of the ramp and outer edge of deck extension. The entry door to the store/market will be replaced by a 36" wide exterior door to accommodate wheelchair access clearance requirements. Design requirements for the project were provided by the Town of Hingham building department more specifically stated in the 521 CMR 24.00: Architectural Access Board documents.

The project will also include constructing steps for new access to the deck/entry for non-handicap patrons that chose to not utilize the access ramp or may be entering from other areas of the property.

Conceptual rendering over aerial image

3D Conceptual (basic)

Yellow areas indicate new additions.

3D Rendering of ramp (side)



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