Updated with Project Progress History

August 2019 - December 2019

Identify Project & Sponsor, Confirm Design Requirements, Complete Service Project Proposal (approved 12/4/2019).
See "Why this Project?" on Project Details page.

The Yellow House

Location for the Weir River Market

View from parking

Original (existing) side view

Closeup of existing deck & entry

Back to front view

Side, deck & entry

Side view

Conceptual layout

Conceptual draft on aerial, of proposed ramp

Conceptual layout, 3D rendering

January 2020 - March 2020

Start Plans, verify site conditions, specifications, beneficiary design approval & finalize plans

Set level line to determine grade (deck to landing)

Determining grade from deck to ramp/landing

Side view with level line

3D Ramp Design

3 D Drawing side view w/ Foundation

3D Elevated view with existing deck & flatwork

Click above image to see plans

All plans and renderings were done by Cameron.

April 2020 - August 2020 - COVID 19 DELAYS

All material donors retracted offers to donate, pandemic induced safe working environment issues/restrictions were cause for delaying the project and we were unable to proceed as planned. So we made a plan B. Had to file for Eagle advancement extensions (One in April 2020 & Second one in September 2020) to provide additional needed time to complete the project. With lack of donors & material cost escalations we pressed on with fundraising to make up for the anticipated cost overruns.

September 2020 - October 2020

Although COVID-19 still upon us, we had better information and guidance on how we could proceed. With reasonable precautions we recommenced our efforts to complete the project starting with the permit application. Also with fall and eventually winter soon approaching, we needed to move things along. We started actual work on the site on 10/3/2020 and completed the foundation work by the end of the month, but not without some challenges.

Getting the building permit was a breeze. Thanks to the very detailed plans that Cameron created.

Special thanks to
Shawn DeMello
of North River Remodeling
for his assistance in obtaining the permit.

Mark proposed footprint, start planning for excavation

Start excavating, thank goodness our beneficiary had some equipment resources & licensed operators to assist

Good start for the first day

But not without encountering some obstacles

What in the world is this?

And can't find where it ends

And there were two of them... well, actually two ends of the same once we dug it out. A copper grounding wire for an old, no longer existing electrical fence.

Not everything could be dug out with heavy equipment, so we brought in the crew (Troop 7 Scouts)

We always left the site safe at the end of the day

The foundation holes were not going in as quickly as expected, even with a rented power auger. We kept hitting all sorts obstacles (large rocks & debris).

So, we brought in the heavy equipment.

A Special thanks to Curt Guenther (Scout parent) of Real Dry Waterproofing for his generous donation of his time and equipment to make this happen.

Amazing how easy it is when you just dig a big hole and get everything out of the way.

Get them in strait and plumb

And everything was going well

Until we encounter this

We called it the Volkswagen.
Of what we could see, we estimated it at about 2+ tons.
The excavator couldn't budge it. What do we do?

So we got everything in that we could

A big rain was coming, so had to cover everything up

That should keep things dry

And as always, leaving the site safe

Unfortunately, the weather won

Many of the tubes collapsed under the pressure of the saturated soil

So, had to dig out 7 of the 11 foundation tubes and replace them

Wrapped up pretty quickly
(all on a Sunday)

And remember that previously mentioned 2+ ton boulder?
X marks the spot

If you can't remove it, make it part of the foundation. Dowelled in 2 #5 steel bars, set and cut to size the foundation tube on top. That thing is not moving

With some more weather on the way, we learned our lesson...

We got our inspection and poured concrete the following day on a Wednesday afternoon

What a relief... got it in before the rain

November 2020 - December 2020

Framing, Decking & Railing

About a week and a half later letting the concrete set, we started the framing. Special thanks to DB&S Lumber in Norwell for their donation of lumber and hardware.

Lots of bolts and hardware

Particularly proud of this handy work... formed a recess in the flatwork to provide clearance for the post connection to the foundation tube

A baby calf was born on the farm site during a Saturday afternoon when we were working at the site

And even more bolts... seemingly endless drilling and installing

But once it was all punched out, it looked really good

And our Trustee's (beneficiary) representative,
Jeffrey Hamilton was always available to provide a helping hand

Now with the framing in, it's time to backfill. Using crushed rock to provide for efficient drainage. Thanks to
Go Green Landscape Supply in Scituate for their generous crushed rock donation.

Amazing how quickly you can get something done with plenty of help

5 yards of crushed rock placed by hand, in about 45 minutes. That's got to be a record somewhere.

We got the fill in so fast, we were able to get most of the decking installed the same day

Thanks to MostureShield for donating all the composite decking & deck screws for the project

And with the helping hand of some
Troop 7 Scouts

As soon as we had the decking in, we got started on the railing.

Special thanks to Lowes in Pembroke for their generous discount on the railing materials.

Looking good!

Nice how the step ties in with everything & provides an alternate access to the store.

Now we install the ADA compliant handrail... got a little rain.

A special thanks to
Madden Manufacturing Co.
for the deeply discounted price on the handrail material.

The following weekend, the snow was our new challenge

Rain or Snow, we kept at it

And it was all wrapped up in a couple weekends with a little punch-out the following weekend. Crazy how fast we go from snow to no snow (or rather mud).

January 2021

Final flatwork, punch out, clean-up

Cutting it close... it's now Mid January (deadline 1/26/21) & we finally have above freezing weather with no snow or rain to get the last bit of flatwork in.

A very special thanks to
Real Dry Waterproofing for their generous donation of tools, equipment and help on this project.

All formed up and ready to pour.

34 bags of concrete later

Add some facia around the outside edge to conceal the decking edge...

do a bit of cleanup...

and WOW... it looks really good

Before - August 2019

After - January 2021

Official delivery and acceptance of the project was January 18, 2021.

Due to supply availability challenges, the door replacement didn't go in as planned. The project did pass inspection and the Trustees (sponsor) took on the responsibility for the door install, although all materials for the replacement, we're paid for from the project fundraising. Cameron & his father (Robert) are committing to help with the final install.

When weather permits, the door will be installed and this project marker will be placed at the site.