Upcoming Campo Creatívo Events - Spring 2024 

Wellness Cypher Hikes in SNP
Join us for an invigorating community hike on Saturday, March 30th, through the majestic Sequoia National Park, where we'll connect with nature, inspire our creative spirits, and conclude with a delicious, healthy vegetarian meal at Pita Kabob, thanks to our partnership. It's a perfect blend of wellness, creativity, and community! This will be the 1st of our monthly community hike "Wellness Cypher" series.

A.I. for ESL
In our commitment to educational innovation, we're thrilled to announce the donation of three 2-session courses on harnessing A.I. for ESL adult learners. These sessions, offered at Proteus in Dinuba, Porterville, and Kerman, are designed to empower the adult students in Proteus ESL (English as a Second Language) courses through this cutting-edge and potentially life-changing technology.

We are donating our expertise but if you'd love to donate some $ towards providing some coffee and pan dulce for these adult learners, we accept donations here.

Creativity Grants Launch
Got a creative idea that needs funding? We're excited to launch our Creativity Grants, awarding $1000 to seed one outstanding student idea and another $1000 for a creative educator project. Stay tuned for application details and help bring your innovative ideas to life!

Community Creativity Connector
Mark your calendars for an exclusive event that brings together intentional community leaders, educators, and non-profits from the Central Valley. It's an opportunity to connect, share creative visions, and learn about the incredible initiatives shaping our community. Let's create, connect, and collaborate for a brighter future.

11/18/22 - JC Montgomery DJ Kool Herc Award

This award will go to the Beat Maker who shows the most ambition, creativity, leadership, teamwork, and character when it comes to creating beats to move the crowd like the Father of Hip Hop, DJ Kool Herc. 

The DJ Kool Herc Award recipient understands his audience at all times, keeps the crowd moving, and represents Hip Hop Culture and JC Montgomery High School (within the Kings County Juvenile Detention Center) to the fullest.

This year's recipient will receive:


We can't wait to see and hear what you create!

 11/3/22 - #TherapeuticBeatCypher with Dr. Elliot Gann

Thank you to Shanelle Herrera and Tulare Union for hosting Dr. Elliot Gann on 11/3/22. Dr. Gann performed all original live beats, then presented on his Therapeutic Beat Making (TBM) model, Hip Hop Therapy and Hip Hop Education and how we can use this to heal trauma.

We look forward to bringing Dr. Gann back to the Central Valley for more events like this!

 11/2/22 - Campo Creatívo Soft Launch Event

On Wednesday, November 2nd, several members of the community gathered to a private soft launch of the Campo Creatívo non-profit.

Local educators, community leaders of local local non-profits, & local artists learned about the goals of Campo Creatívo and shared the amazing work that each of them does in the community to raise awareness of the landscape in our community.