Ranger Lakes Colorado

Ranger Lakes Campground is west of Ft. Collins, CO about 75 miles.

Climbing the Poudre Canyon Road (Hwy 14) through Cameron pass.

In early June, the moose were still feeding next to the campground, at 9,200 ft. elevation.

We found this old-looking moose grazing as we passed the driveway to Dancing Moose Yurt (no joke!). More about renting this yurt (in the State Forest State Park) can be found here: https://www.theoutbound.com/colorado/chillin/camp-out-at-dancing-moose-yurt

Typical moose incisor tree markings. Believed to be for both territory marking and nutrition.

Attempted to hike to Lake Agnes -- snow pack had the access road closed, so we walked about 2 hours through the mostly snow-packed trail to get to the trail-head. Made it to the trail-head, but needed snowshoes and more energy to go farther!

Lunch stop next to Agnes Creek near the hut.

The Agnes Lake we didn't get to see is at the base of "The Crags." The Nokhu Crags is part of the Never Summer Mountains range near Cameron Pass. A gorgeous day and the pine scent in the air helped keep us going through this strenuous, cold feet (for Scott) & wet feet hike.

We took a day trip to Steamboat Springs, CO -- about 85 miles from Ranger Lakes. On our way through Rabbit Ears pass we checked out the Dumont Lake Campground -- still closed due to snow.

Final 2 photos above from our campsite. As the crow flies, Ranger Lakes are only about 60 miles south of Laramie, Wyoming (90 miles by road). We're keeping this area on our "go to" list. Next time we'll get to Lake Agnes! A pretty good review of this campground can be found here: http://www.campoutcolorado.com/ranger-lakes-campground-camping-review/