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Campad Electronics is a registered Australian business that has been operating for over 35 years. We take great pride in providing good customer service, clear communication, quality products, prompt supply and great advice. Campad Electronics proudly provides mobile phone covers and cases, tablet cases and accessories utilising our intensive expertise gained via real world experience.

From mobile phone chargers and data cables to headphones, mobile phone cases, you'll discover what you want at excellent prices. Please browse our large range. We aim to at all times provide a great purchasing experience.

Campad Electronics Phone Cases And Accessories

Our range of cases and covers for mobile phones and tablets such as iPads, Galaxy tablets is extensive. So whether you are searching for a case to accessorise your mobile phone or if you need a tradie tough, rugged, waterproof phone case we've got those as well.

We also have the very best Bluetooth equipment such as to Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth car kits, Bluetooth speakers and headphones for music on the go.

We are able to provide fast supply by way of Australia Post or couriers within Australia. If you're a business and need to order in bulk please feel free to contact us for specific advice.

Please notice that we are not "lowest value discounters". We do not provide the "all time best prices on the web" but we do provide great products at excellent prices. Considering that we now have been in business for over thirty-five years, we know that we are able to give great service, honest recommendation and excellent prices.

Campad Electronics iPhone Cases

Are you looking for an iPhone case? There are so many options online you could spend literally weeks viewing them all. You don't need to do that as we have a wide range of iPhone cases and we only stock quality items.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a case that is slim and minimalist or a iPhone case that is arty and unique. If you need a case to survive a mountain top or the deep blue sea, we have got options for you. Tradies we have Otterbox and Lifeproof cases to protect your phone. Our iPhone and iPad cases suit many needs as well as many budgets and also a wide range of iPhone models.

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Campad Electronics iPhone Chargers

At our website you will find cables, charging docks and external batteries for your iPhone. Our Apple certified cables will charge and sync up your iPhone and iPad.

From the iPhone 8 and later there are two types of iPhone chargers, wired charging and wireless.

Wired charging can be quicker, but this is not always the case, what matters is the power that the charger provides. Until very recently (the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max) every iPhone came with a standard 5 Watt charger, but iPhones have been capable of fast charging since the iPhone 8. In order to fast charge your iPhone you will need a USB PD capable charger and it should have a USB-C connector, not the more familiar USB-A.

iPhones use slightly different fast charging to Android devices, so it is vital that you buy a USB PD (Power Delivery) if fast charging matters to you as USB PD is the fast charging standard that Apple's iPhones use.


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Campad Electronics iPhone Antennas

Do you have an iPhone and either live in a poor reception area or regularly travel through rural or poor receptions areas? Our phone external antennas and cradles can help.

We have car cradles or holders that your iPhone will sit in and charge while you are in your vehicle. You can plug an antenna into your cradle to increase the reception and signal strength. These cradles can be used in the car but also inside your home office or other building with a desktop charging dock. You can view our Campad Electronics cradles, carkits and antennas for iPhones here.

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Campad Electronics Samsung Galaxy Cases

Protect your Samsung mobile device with our range of cases and covers for Samsung devices. We have a range of Samsung Galaxy cases and accessories with a variety of options to compliment your lifestyle and your device. From heavy duty cases to slim lines cases and wallets we have a cases to you suit both you and your phone.

Campad Electronics Car Phone Antennas, Holders And Cradles

Boosting Mobile Phone Performance In Remote Areas

If you are travelling outside major metropolitan areas, the best way to maximise your mobile phone reception is to use a high-gain antenna and cradle.

Our high gain antennas get more power to the phone's receiver, thus increasing the strength of the signal your device receives. This results in less drop outs when making a phone call even when in areas of where the mobile phone reception is very weak.

We have a range of antennas and cradles for most makes and models of mobile phones.

Campad Electronics Phone Chargers

Have you lost or misplaced your mobile phone charger? Do you need to charge for than one device at a time? We have Australian approved phone chargers for an enormous range of mobile phones and tablets. Our iPhone and iPad chargers are all MFi certified (Made For iPhone) and that means that you can be assured they will be absolutely compatible and safe. Please feel free to email us if you can't find what you are looking for.

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Campad Electronics Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless charging is charging of your mobile phone or device without the need for a connecting cable. The first class of mobile phone wireless chargers were released on the market about nine years ago, and they use tightly coupled or inductive charging, which requires the be placed phone on the pad, stand or cradle for it to charge.

Nokia had the first phone on the market the Nokia Lumia 920 that had wireless charging capability in 2012. Samsung introduced the wireless charging to their Galaxy S phones in March 1 2015 with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Samsung did not provide a wireless charger with their phones.

Apple introduced wireless charging with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X in September 2017. Apple also introduced fast charging to its iPhone range with these models as well. Apple also did not provide a wireless charger or a fast charger with their phones.

Campad Electronics USB Type C Chargers

USB Type C or USB C chargers and data cables are replacing the long lived micro USB chargers and cables. USB-C is reversible and unlike the Micro-USB charger plug you was used for many years on previous phones and devices, you are able to plug in a USB-C cable any which way as either side is "up." This means there is no more fumbling around when you have trouble plugging in your charger.

Campad Electronics 3G, 4G And 5G Antennas

We have 3G, 4G and 5G antenna kits and packages for your mobile broadband and mobile phones. We've choices for indoor and outdoor antennas, marine antenna installations, home residence or office antennas and automotive antenna kits and car cradles. View our Campad Electronics 3G, 4G and 5G Mobile broadband antennas.

Campad Electronics Blog

In our Campad Electronics Blog we provide a lot of news about new devices to the market, new products such as phones, tablets and other devices as well as how to guides and information on phone features and how you can get the best use from them.

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