the time machine

a project to force age the products of our post-industrial society. consumer goods, complete with built in obsolescence, are sent through geological time

what will the future look like?


a complete map of the human genome was completed in 2003, indexing the more than 25,000 genes stored in each of your cells. displayed as machine readable quick read codes, can you find the beauty of someone you know in the human genome?

what does it mean to be digitized?

the trumpets

sculptural forms are hooked to audio equipment that records and transmits sound. a continuous live sample taken from the gallery setting is displaced in both time and space. what is recorded by one trumpet echos out of another

can a work of art take its audience out of context?

the web typewriter

a typewriter is connected to the internet by a makeshift prosthetic hand, exposing a thoroughly analogue machine to all the benefits and pitfalls of the digital age

can you surf with steel and string?

the other room

there is a divide between our external reality and the way we perceive it. it is a bridge in that it both links and separates what it spans. the divide is what limits science to inference and forces relativism into our discussions of knowledge

will you recognize the divide when you see it?

the cups

an attempt to purge accumulated digital data. my oldest data from my oldest file on display for all to see. the cups themselves encode and make real binary data as stored digitally, sharing my personal files

can your eyes read my digital past?