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About Cain Morano...

I began gym training in 2008 and have been a recreational martial artist since 1988. I have experience in powerlifting, Olympic lifting, barbell training, and kettlebells. I have designed my own sport specific programs and tested others' programs for downhill skiing, general athleticism, and different martial art disciplines. I have coached youth track and field, cross country, and wrestling.

I have published several training articles, available free, on EliteFTS. They are also, on the 'Articles' page of this site along with some martial arts training articles.

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What is it like training with me?

My coaching philosophy is for every training session is to make these things happen...

I help you set goals, program your sessions and longer term progression, then run your workouts. Together, you and I will identify your strength, conditioning, and mobility deficits and create a plan to improve your fitness. Then, I will hold you accountable for the homework (extra sessions) I assign for outside of one-on-one training. If that is too in depth for your needs, I can simply run you through high energy training sessions involving one or two strength movements followed by some circuits to get you amped up and sweaty! My programming skill ranges from boot camp style stand alone sessions to long term, event focused, sport specific training. We will also address your diet, sleep, and mindset - which are likely the number one factors holding you back from your goals.

Martial Arts Instruction

I have decades of experience in somewhere between 15 and 20 martial arts. Most of these are striking arts, some weapons, a little grappling, and a bit of grappling with weapons. Eventually I started Jeet Kune Do training and learned how to put systems together and improve the training methods of any style. If you want to learn something or improve your current martial art training methods, I can help you.

I have developed my own performance management system for my own streamlined blend that is better than any belt system. It is based upon sport training and defined standards. You always know the exact state of your performance, your skill sets, and what you need to work on to maintain a balanced approach.

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