Membership Types

Fees 2021


Standard membership - 5 toys at at time

Yearly - $100
Six months - $65
Concession yearly - $70
Concession six months - $40

Double membership - 10 toys at a time

Yearly - $170
Six months - $
Concession yearly - $
Concession six months - $

One off hire - $35 fee and $50 refundable deposit for 5 toys plus any Hire Toy fees as applicable

Late Fees/Broken or Lost Toys

  • Unless by previous arrangement overdue toys will incur a $2.00 per week fee for borrow toys.

  • Overdue hire toys will incur the cost of hire again each week overdue.

  • If a toy or jigsaw puzzle is returned with a lost or broken piece and you cannot supply a suitable substitute, the toy library will charge a fee of $6.00 per piece.

  • You will be liable for the full replacement cost of a toy that is broken beyond repair, or is missing too many pieces thus making it unsuitable for further use. The value of the toys is depreciated each year; the cost to you is the depreciated value unless the toy is less than 12 months old in which case you will be liable for the full cost.

Broken boxes and bags

Small, medium and large boxes (red, green and yellow handles) - $10

Extra Large box (blue handles) - $24

All sized bags (puzzle and game bags, not the blue mesh bags) - $5


Toy Library Kindy - Morning sessions: $25.00 - Afternoon sessions: $20.00 - Full Day sessions: $55.00

Playgroups - $5.00 donation per family per two hour session

Other Activities or Usage - By arrangement

Capsule/Car Seat Hire

6 months - $50 plus $50 refundable deposit

2 months or less - $30 plus $50 refundable deposit

Weekly - $15 plus $50 refundable deposit