About Us

Founded in 1981, the Chinese-American Chemical Society (CACS) is a nonprofit, professional organization and has neither national nor regional political affiliation . Membership is open to professionals and students in chemistry, chemical engineering, and related fields, and to individuals and corporations supporting the objectives of the society. Currently, CACS has 3 local chapters in North America.


  • Promote fellowship among Chinese American chemists, chemical engineers, and those working in related profession.
  • Enhance communication and professional interaction among members. Provide a forum for the discussion of issues of mutual interest and concern.
  • Create opportunities for members to share professional experiences and to participate in joint research and business ventures.
  • Provide a network for mutual professional enhancement and career development.
  • Provide career counseling for young people, particularly those interested in the scientific and engineering careers.
  • Encourage scholarly achievements in chemistry and chemical engineering, and recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the science of chemistry, to chemical engineering, and to the service of the chemical profession.
  • Facilitate interactions between CACS and other scientific organizations and communities.


2019 President: Professor Nien-hwa Linda Wang, Purdue University, nwang@purdue.edu

2019 President-elect: Dr. Fanwen Zeng, Dow Chemical, zeng1999@yahoo.com

2020 President-elect: Dr. Lei Li, University of Pittsburgh, lel55@pitt.edu

Immediate Past President: Dr. Mark Yueqian Zhen of Valent BioSciences, MarkYZhen@yahoo.com

Past President: Dr. Pengfei Chen of UOP LLC, Pengfei.chen@honeywell.com

Treasurer: Dr. Chu-An Chang, chuan_chang@hotmail.com

Chairman of the Board: Dr. Marinda Wu, marindawu@gmail.com

Directors of the Board (in alphabetical order):

Lin Li, lin.li@chevron.com (Immediate Past Chairman)

Chu-An Chang, chuan_chang@hotmail.com

Kristine Chin, krisc@aiche.org

L.S. Fan, fan@chbmeng.ohio-state.edu

Winston S. Ho, ho@chbmeng.ohio-state.edu

Shaw Huang, sghuang@gmail.com

Yinlun Huang yhuang@wayne.edu

Norman Li, norman.li@nlchem.com

Ralph Yang, yang@umich.edu

Lubo Zhou, Lubo Zhou@honeywell.com

Frank Zhu, frankzhu@honeywell.com