CAAP 2021

Webinar Series

Monthly talks, activities, and workshops for member agencies to extend skills and encourage growth in multiple areas.

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rack designed for executive directors, CEOs, and expanded management


A track designed for board members of agencies


A track designed for those managing the finances of their agency

Human Resources

A track designed for those managing human resource needs of their agency

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This track is open to anyone who is interested in attending since these issues impact us all

The goal of these webinars is to provide you with tools and information to better help you to serve others.

2021 Speakers

The Leaders Institute

Doug Staneart



Stinson, LLP

Rick Pins

Dr. Melissa Marks

The Princeton Eviction Lab

La Piana Consulting

Onuka Ibe

Jason Broadwater


Denise Harlow, CEO

Mara Mintzer

Dr. Andrea Boyles

Daryl Davis

Virtual Venue

We will be using Zoom for these webinars. Some will be done using the Webinar add-on, while others may be used as Zoom Meetings so that breakout rooms and interactivity can occur.

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