Political Parties

Key Question:What role do political parties play in campaigns and elections?

Table of Contents

History of Political Parties

Current Examples of Third Parties

Video Clip: The Constitution Party (4/24/2016- 2:33)

Video Clip: The Green Party (2/27/2016- 5:31)

Video Clip: The Libertarian Party (7/7/2016- 2:30)

Historic Third Parties

Video Clip: The Know-Nothing Party (03/18/2014 – 3:32)

Video Clip: The Prohibition Party (03/08/2013 – 2:26)

Video Clip: Whigs and Republicans (8/9/2018- 2:35)

Culminating Assessment

  • Choose one of the two major parties and create a short political advertisement that would appeal to a large audience and distinguish your party from the other. This can be done through video, political cartoon, brochure, short scene or monologue.
  • Write a persuasive speech either defending the two-party system, or advocating for more third-parties in the American election process.
  • Research other countries and how they operate with many different parties. Have each group choose a different country and then present to the class.