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Founded in July 2019, BytesWiki is one of the fastest growing tech media startups of India. BytesWiki is striving to become a leading source of technology news on the internet. As BytesWiki continues to expand its readership, it aims to provide in-depth reporting and redefine digital media with the constant innovation and trust.

At BytesWiki we offer timely analysis and in-person experiences that form the basis of our professional articles which are written by our in house staff. Our editorial section is a reflection of the emerging technology trends – ranging from the internet to desktop, startups to big companies, security, open source and more. Our motto is to offer “Absolutely Fresh Technology Bytes and More.

BytesWiki, Rajshekhar, Vishnu and Dinesh has come a long way from its beginnings in India. When Rajshekhar, Vishnu and Dinesh first started out, their passion for absolutely proper and correct information related to technology, gadgets and informational news which drove them to start their own business which is BytesWiki. To meet the people that make BytesWiki a fun place to work, check out our Team page.

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