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February 17, 2023

Portage Collegiate Institute

Portage la Prairie, MB

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Our theme for 2023 is BYTE-Size Technology Infusion, inspired by the idea that EVERYONE is able to make small, daily learning gains in an overwhelming education environment. Hopefully, our attendees will be dreaming of the BYTE Conference all weekend and able to take some new byte-sized tech ideas to their students on Monday, February 20, 2023, and beyond! The plan is for an in-person event.

Keynote Speaker:

Picture of Jen Giffen. She has red hair and is wearing glasses and a dark turtleneck. There are library shelves in the background. Jen is smiling.

Jen Giffen🖊️

Jen Giffen is a Teacher Librarian & EdTech Consultant. She has an M. Ed from the University of Toronto and is a specialist in Education Technology. She is a Google Innovator, sketchnoter, host of #ShukesAndGiff the podcast, student voice ambassador, mom of three boys, and dad joke aficionado. Former player of the game in school, she now seeks to ensure learning is authentic and relevant, especially for struggling students. She wants you to know that while at first, the hokey pokey is hard, eventually you turn yourself around.
#Ginger #Canadian #HashtagLover

She can be found @VirtualGiff – everywhere. |

📸📝: Jen Giffen

On your morning commute, listen to Jen and Jake Miller talk about Sketchnoting and her favourite tech tools to create visual notes! The discussion starts at ~19:38. (Jake is tentatively booked to keynote and present at BYTE 2024!)


This is a gif of a jug of fruit-infused water layered on top of a spinning set of gears and a network of wires. It is meant to symbolize byte-size tech infusion.

Call for Presentations:

is now closed for the 2023 conference. Thank you!