Agricultural Electrical Solutions

Need electrical work done on your farm?

Byrne's Electric has provided Kneehill County area farmers with expert electrical help for years. At Byrne’s Electric, we have experience finding solutions for various electrical problems that occur on the farm and anywhere your farming equipment leads us. If we don’t already have the solution to your problem, we will find one. That’s a promise!

Some of the common work we do on the farm includes:

  • Electronic Feeding Systems

  • Heated Watering Systems

  • Fans and cooling systems

  • Alarms

  • Lighting

  • Irrigation systems

  • Motor Maintenace and Repair

  • Line Fault Locating and Repair

  • Electrical Systems Upgrading

  • Agricultural efficiency innovations

Safety First!

Electrical failures and poorly installed electrical systems have been the result of huge catastrophes on farms over the years killing thousands of cattle, birds, and even people. Getting your electrical needs installed and maintained by certified professionals is necessary to ensure the safety of everything on your farm. At Byrne’s Electric, our electricians our trained on all of the current electrical standards, technologies available, and best practices to provide you with an efficient, cost effective, and safe electrical solution to give you peace of mind and keep your operations running smoothly!