Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

B. Jack Pan

Citizenship: United States




Scripps Institution of Oceanography | University of California, San Diego

· Oceanography, Ocean Biosciences Ph.D Program (2014 – present)

Scripps Institution of Oceanography | University of California, San Diego

· Marine Biology Master of Science (2014 – 2016)

University of California, Irvine

· Earth & Environmental Sciences Bachelor of Science (2009 – 2013)

· Minor: Global Sustainability

Research Experience

Graduate Researcher, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego (Sept. 2014 – present)

· Ph.D. Dissertation work, with a focus on understanding meltwater characteristics and their optical features in Antarctic coastal oceans/fjord ecosystems, how meltwater impacts phytoplankton community composition, and its long-term effects over the Antarctic shelf.

· Dissertation project focuses on utilizing a machine learning approach to understand big-data from multiple field databases as well data our team collected during expeditions through 2015 to 2017.

Team Lead/Consultant, NASA DEVELOP at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (June 2014 – Aug. 2014)

· Researched the feasibility of utilizing multiple satellite sensors to detect and monitor treated wastewater plumes during Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant and Orange Counties Sanitation District’s diversion events.

· Processed data from SAR-Radarsat-1, ASAR & MERIS-Envisat, PALSAR-ALOS, ASTER-Terra, MODIS-Aqua & Terra, HICO-ISS, TIRS-Landsat 8 to project sea surface temperature, chl-a, and surface roughness data.

Consultant, NASA DEVELOP at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Jan. 2013 – April 2013)

· Researched the feasibility of utilizing Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to identify and locate Sargassum in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean to better understand and help Bluefin Tuna conservation efforts.

· Processed and Analyzed Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) imagery from Envisat and ocean color data from MODIS-Aqua and MERIS using NEST, ENVI, and ArcMap.

Lab Assistant, Moore’s Group, UCI Department of Earth System Science (Feb. 2012 – Aug. 2014)

· Processed and analyzed data retrieved from Aqua MODIS and ETOPO to monitor the Austral summer phytoplankton bloom between 2002 and 2013 in the vicinity of the Kerguelen plateau.

· Modified IDL plotting routines for analyzing model output and remote sensing data; users can define any region of interest in the world’s ocean, in both 3-degree and 1-degree model grids. Developed model studies for remote sensing projects.

Research Assistant, Rignot’s Group, UCI Department of Earth System Science (April 2013 – Aug. 2013)

· Compiled and analyzed remote sensing data from MODIS to aid the preparation of the group’s Greenland expedition.

· Forecasted sea ice conditions in the expedition’s path to assist the effort in guiding boat operation.

· Established a fast delivery system for forwarding near-real-time data to the research team in the field.

Undergraduate Researcher, Pataki Lab, UCI Department of Earth System Science (Sept. 2009 – Jan. 2012)

“The influence of N source and fertilizer application on growth of a tropical pitcher plant Nepenthes sanguinea” (2011)

· Used nitrogen stable isotope analysis to investigate the nitrogen cycle of carnivorous plant and its physiological response to nutrient addition.

· Responsibilities included writing funding proposals, collecting plant samples, and working in the greenhouse.

· Presented the project during UROP Research Symposium in 2011.

“The linkage between native habitat and plant water use in Acacia species” (2009)

· Used carbon stable isotope analysis to investigate water use habit of various Acacia species in the LA arboretum.

· Presented the project during UROP Research Symposium in 2010.

Undergraduate Researcher, Green IT Lab, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology/UCI School of Information & Computer Science (Sept. 2011 – present)

The Plant Guild Composer/Food Forest Project (Sept. 2012 – present)

· A multidisciplinary project that attempted to create a functional ecosystem of urban food forest by integrating information technology, remote sensing, and ecology.

· Calibrated programmers’ work on ecological concepts and assisted conceptual artist with UI design concepts.

· As the group’s cartographer, created maps of local environmental variables to aid site analysis.

The Causality Project (Sept. 2011 – August 2012)

· The collaborative project aimed to provide the users with a participatory environment where they could identify environmental issues and attach causal links to these issues.

· Populated project database, and assisted programmers to incorporate earth and environmental science concepts.

Research Volunteer, Bryant Lab, UCI Department of Developmental & Cell Biology (June 2013 – present)

· Provided assistance to conducting microscopy on local plankton species.

· Part of an effort to compile a natural history inventory of Orange County, California.

Work Experience

Chief Technology Officer, Ocean Motion Technologies (2016 -- present)

· Company founder and formed the technical and business team

· Responsible for the technical development and field deployment

Teaching Assistant, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD (2015, 2016)

SIO3: Life in the Oceans (Prof. Octavi Aburto), SIO134: Introduction to Biological Oceanography (Prof. Mike Landry)

· Assisted the instructors during lecture and record-keeping duties.

· Graded homework and exams.

· Leading course’s weekly or bi-weekly discussion sessions.

Teaching Assistant, UCI COSMOS Program (Summer 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

· Assisted the instructors during lecture and field work.

· Assisted students to conduct marine life inventory, plankton tow/identification, and field survey.

· Taught students basic concepts in marine biology and ecology

· Prepared experiment materials for the students’ research projects.

Course Instructor, University Study 7: Environmental Crisis Studies (Jan. 2010 – June 2013)

· Designed and developed the lesson plan and assembled lecture/discussion material.

· Responsibility included teaching the weekly seminar, engaging students, and grading students’ work.

· The class was offered to all UCI students for official elective units.

Teaching Assistant, Earth System Science 138: Remote Sensing (Jan. 2013 – June 2013)

· Assisted instructors to help students better understand various remote sensing techniques and the implications.

· Assisted students during lab sessions to learn ENVI and use various remote sensing databases to prepare for their final projects.

Lesson Planning Consultant, Avid Academy for Gifted Youth (Jan. 2014 – Aug. 2014)

· Designed and developed lesson plans on experimental physics research programs for middle school students.

· Reported to the agency's director on development progress, and assisted with the program's future directions.

Legislative Representative of the School of Physical Sciences, Associated Students of UC Irvine (2010 – 2011)

· Approved or rejected budget for each fiscal year, recommendations for amending ASUCI Constitution, Legislative Council By-Laws, and Elections Code; held office hours to address constituents’ concerns.

· Served as Chair of the Rules Committee; Founding Chair of the Sustainability & Environmental Conservancy Committee; Founding Chair of Statistical Analysis & Logistics Committee.

Founder, Ecojar Lab (2008 – 2014)

· Produced fully self-contained terrariums as ecology art and a science education tool.


· Pan, B.J., Vernet, M., Reynolds, R., and Mitchell, B.G. (2018) “The Biological and Optical Properties of Glacial Meltwater in an Antarctic Fjord.” PLOS ONE. In Review.

· Pan, B.J., Vernet, M. (2018) “The Impact of Environmental Conditions on Phytoplankton Community Composition and Spatial Distribution in an Antarctic Fjord, Andvord Bay.” PLOS ONE. In Prep.

· Pan, B., and Moore, J.K. (2018) “Analysis of the Variations in Chlorophyll Concentration in the Vicinity of the Kerguelen Plateau.” Advances in Polar Science. In Prep.

· Gierach, M., Holt, B., Trinh R., Pan, B., and Rains, C. (2016) “Satellite Detection of Wastewater Diversion Plumes in Southern California.” Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.


· Pan, B.J., Vernet, M. (2018) “Small Phytoplankton Dominate Community Size Structure in an Antarctic Fjord.” SCAR, Polar 2018.

· Pan, B.J., Vernet, M. (2018) “The Optical Characteristics and Spatial Distribution of Meltwater in an Antarctic fjord, Andvord Bay.” AGU/ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2018.

· Forsch, K., Manck, L., Ekern, L., Pan, B.J., Vernet, M., Barbeau, M. (2018) “Links Between Sources of Iron and Organic Iron-binding Ligands to the Supply of Cryospheric Iron to Coastal West Antarctic Peninsula.” AGU/ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2018.

· Ekern, L., Vernet, M., Pan, B.J., Cape, M. (2018) “Assessing seasonal primary production via macronutrient deficits in a high latitude fjord system.” AGU/ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2018.

· Pan, B.J., Vernet, M., Reynolds, R. (2017) “The Optical Characteristics of Meltwater in an Antarctic Fjord, Andvord Bay.” Gordon Search Conference/Seminar on Polar Marine Biology.

· Pan, B., Rains, C., and Trinh, R. (2014) “Remote Sensing Detection of Wastewater Plumes to Assess Public Water Quality in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.” Highlight Presentation. NASA Headquarter DEVELOP Program Showcase.

· Pan, B., and Moore, J.K. (2014) “Analysis of the Variations in Phytoplankton Blooms in the Vicinity of Kerguelen Plateau.” AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting.

· Norton, J., Nayebaziz, S., Burke, B., Pan, B., and Tomlinson B. (2014) “Plant Guild Composer: An Interactive Online System to Support Back Yard Food Production.” CHI Conference.

· Pan, B., and D. Pataki (2011) "The influence of N source and fertilizer application on growth of a tropical pitcher plant, Nepenthes sanguinea.” UROP Symposium.

· Pan, B., C. Goedhart, and D. Pataki (2010) “The linkage between native habitat and plant water use in acacia species.” UROP Symposium.

Un-Refereed Publications

· Traverso, M. Boarman, R., and Pan, B. (2013) “Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Decision Support for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Population Assessment and Management in the Gulf of Mexico.” NASA DEVELOP Technical Report.

· Pan, B., Miu, J. (2013) “Utilizing Ocean Iron Fertilization as a Climate Change Intervention Method: the Science, Feasibility, and Economics.”

· Pan, B. (2013) “An Assessment of Artificial Ocean Iron Fertilization as a Climate Emergency Response and Intervention Program.”

· Pan, B. (2012) “The Effect of Iron Fertilization on Marine Primary Productivity: a Cause of Global Temperature Change.”


· NASA/University of Maine, Calibration & Validation for Ocean Color Remote Sensing (ocean optics summer course); instructors (alphabetical): Emmanuel Boss (coordinator), Ivona Cetinic, Curt Mobley, Mary Jane Perry, Collin Roesler, Ken Voss, Jeremy Werdell. (Summer, 2015)

· Cornell University, Satellite Remote Sensing course; instructor: Bruce Monger (Summer, 2016)

· UCSD Rady School of Management, Micro-MBA Certificate (Summer, 2017)

Oceanographic Research Deployments

· NSF RAPID Field Campaign (to Eastern Antarctic Peninsula) in collaboration with the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) on IBRV ARAON (Mar. – May 2018)

· NSF FjordEco Field Campaign, Deployment 1 (to Western Antarctic Peninsula) on R/V Gould (Nov. – Dec. 2015)

· NSF FjordEco Field Campaign, Deployment 2 (to Western Antarctic Peninsula) on RVIB Palmer (Mar. – May 2016)

· SIO/UCSD Biological Oceanography Cruise (to Southern California Bight) on R/V Sprout (Oct. 2014)

· SIO/UCSD Deep Sea Biology Cruise (to Southern California Bight) on R/V Sprout (Nov. 2015)

· NASA/UMaine Field Work Cruise, Optics & Satellite Ocean Color Validation (to Maine Coastal Shelf) on R/V Ira C. (Summer 2015)


· FjordEco Research Expedition, social media outreach (2015 & 2016)

· SIO, UCSD Open House, "Summer Block Party," Polar research exhibit booth (2016)


· SIO, UCSD Peer Mentor Program, Mentor (2017)

· SIO, UCSD Polar Science Faculty Candidate, Student Search Committee (2016)

· SIO, UCSD Biological Oceanography/Ecology Weekly Seminar Series, Student Coordinator (2015-2016)


· Congressional/DoD Antarctica Service Medal (2016)

· Herrider Family Fellowship (2019)

· UCSD Frontier of Innovation Scholarship Program (2017)

· Robert H. Kieckhefer Endowed Coastal Studies Fund (2017)

· The Casner Family Foundation Fellowship (2014 – 2015)

· Robert L. Cody Memorial Fellowship (2014 – 2015)

· Henry L. and Grace Doherty Fellowship (2014 – 2015)

· Alan and Nora Jafffe Fellowship (2014 – 2015)

· Krinsk Research Advancement Initiative (KRAI) (2014 – 2015)

· COSMOS College Access Scholarship (2009 – 2011)

· UCI UROP Research Fellowship (2011)

· UCI SURP Research Honorary Fellowship (2011)

· UCI UROP Research Grant (2010)

· UCI SURP Research Fellowship (2010)

· California Nobel Laureate Dinner, UC Irvine COSMOS Representative (2010)

· California Nobel Laureate Dinner, Project Presenter/ COSMOS Alumnus Representative (2008)

· Dean’s Honor’s List, University of California, Irvine


· Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (2017 -- present)

· Member, American Geophysical Union (AGU) (Sept. 2013 -- present)

· Member, The Oceanography Society (TOS) (Aug. 2015 -- present)

· Member, Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) (2016 – present)

· Member, The American Polar Society (2016 – present)

· Member, The Maritime Alliance (TMA) (2017 – present)

· Participant, TMA BlueTech Incubator Program (2017 – present)

· Board Member, Marine Technology Society (MTS), San Diego Chapter (2017 – present)

· Member, San Diego Entrepreneur Exchange (SDEE) (2017 – present)

· Member, International Carnivorous Plant Society (July 2012 -- present)

· Interdisciplinary Forum for Environmental Research, UC San Diego (Jan 2015 -- present)

· Founder & President, UCI Earth System Science Club (Sept 2010 – June 2013)

· Co-founder & Director of Speaker Relations, TEDxUCI (May 2011 – Feb 2013)

· Vice President external, UCI Sustainable Energy and Technology Club (Sept 2009 – June 2013)

· Co-President, COSMOS Connect (2009 – June 2013)


· Programing and Data Science

o Python, R

o Tableau

o Basic knowledge in IDL, MatLab, HTML

· GIS/Image Analysis

o Ocean Data View (ODV)

o Esri GIS: ArcMap, ArcCatalog

o ENvironment for Visualizing Images (ENVI)

o SeaDAS



o Google Earth

o Java Ocean Atlas (JOA)

o Basic knowledge in ImageJ

· Field-Specific Instruments

o AC meter (AC-9 & ACS)

o Spectrophotometer

o Fluorometer

o FlowCam

o Profiling radiometer (PRR, C-OPS, HyperSAS, HyperPro)


· Laboratory/Field Method

o Plankton Microscopy

o Stable isotopic sample processing & data analysis

o Marine life inventory, plankton tow

o Environmental variable/site analysis

· Design/Office Operation

o Adobe: Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Audition (Sound Booth)

o Microsoft Office: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, basic knowledge in Access; iWork; Prezi

o Telecommunication (Cisco, Gotomeeting, Skype)

o Proficiency in both Windows PC and Macintosh/Mac OS; Some knowledge in Linux and Unix

· Other

o Photography and Cinematography

o Fluency in Mandarin Chinese

o Strong skill in presentation & verbal communication

o Ability to work on collaborative and multidisciplinary projects

o Gardening and enclosed artificial ecosystem

o Social media maintenance and public relations