Burr School FORJ

Burr Families Organizing for Racial Justice

Contact us:

Email: BurrFORJ171@gmail.com

We are informed by the

Burr School Mission Statement:

Burr School is a diverse community of children, educators, families, and administrators. Our mission is to actively build and sustain a culturally responsive learning community dedicated to nurturing all students' social, emotional, and academic abilities while building empathy. Together we believe that our school community can support each other’s learning so that each of us develops to our fullest potential and into life-long learners. We will work every day to be strong leaders who can advocate for anti-racism and our school’s core values within and beyond the school’s walls.

Core Values: Teamwork, Compassion, Respect, Perseverance

FORJ began...

... in 2016 when three Newton moms, from different races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds, came together with the goal of engaging families in the work of racial justice.

Partnering with...

... the Newton Public Schools in 2017, FORJ began leading conversations and events for families. Today, FORJ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with school-based groups of parent volunteers across the city, working to support families in becoming actively anti-racist.

Burr's FORJ Community

Burr has our own FORJ "chapter", and if you have children attending Burr Elementary school, we would love for you to join us!

Join Burr-FORJ

If you are interested in joining our e-mail list, please send a request to BurrFORJ171@gmail.com.

What we do:

At Burr-FORJ, we have three main goals:

  1. To build a strong and caring community where all students, staff, and families feel welcome, included, and valued.

  2. Create a learning community where we educate ourselves and our children about race, racism, culture, and identity.

  3. To advocate for policies and practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What YOU can do:

Join a Burr-FORJ discussion, like...

... a meeting with a City Councilor to discuss proposed zoning changes in Newton.

Borrow diverse books and activities like...

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