Our executive are all volunteers. Thanks to their on-going effort, our club has grown into one of the most respected clubs in the Lower Mainland.

President - Noris Monsalve

Past President - David Wagner

Vice President -

Treasurer - Cindy Liu

Secretary - Malcolm Kennett

Safety Coordinator - Kim Reid

Member Registrar - David Wagner

Membership Coordinator (Database) - Mike Hagen

Meet Registrar - Paul Hoffman

Officials Coordinator -

Meet Coordinators - Jane Irawati, Yuko Kiuchi(Assistant)

Coach Coordinator - Ariana van der Starre

Equipment Managers - Dan Harney, Sanusi Oetomo, Kevin Park + Glen Vogl

Membership Development Coordinator - Joanne Curley

Social/Potluck Coordinator - Rosella Infanti

Fundraising Coordinators -

Chocolates: Anna Bonga / Mike Hagen


Gift Cards: Sophie Beriault

Social Media Coordinator - Hana Hoffman, Noris Monsalve (Assistant)

Website Administrator - Yuko Kiuchi

Speedweek Coordinators -

Members at large - Diane Silzer, Graeme Johns

BC Winter Games Club Coordinator -

To contact our executive, please email: