I'm a postdoc researching computational models of infant looking behavior at the BabyLab and human actions and visual motion processing at the Computational Vision and Learning Lab, University of California, Los Angeles. I received my PhD in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Houston, with a focus on the development of visual attention in infancy and early childhood. My research is largely interdisciplinary, and I try to incorporate methods from different fields, including child development, visual psychophysics, cognitive modeling, machine learning, and statistics.

Research Topics

  • Domain general, bottom-up driven influences on infant visual attention development
  • Dyadic social interactions during early development
  • Selective attention during object perception and word learning
  • Guided attention for learning spatial contexts and during temporally ordered learning
  • Top-down interactions during biological motion processing
  • Developing depth-sensor motion capture software
  • Use of head-mounted and standalone eye tracking systems
  • Analytical approaches toward comparing eyegaze scanpath behaviors
  • Image processing & computer vision techniques for models of visual saliency
  • Hierarchical Bayesian statistical models
  • Signal processing techniques for estimating brain/behavioral oscillations during priming tasks