Early Building Blocks for Learning

Promoting Social Communication and Early Learning Behaviors in Children


The purpose of this page is to highlight research-based strategies and interventions for children who are at risk or children diagnosed with a disability, such as autism spectrum disorder. Everything on this site is meant to provide parents, practitioners, and researchers information that can be used to improve socially-meaningful behaviors in children. In addition, recent research and opportunities for the community are highlighted for visitors.

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Strategies and Tips for Promoting Early Social Communication

Common Terms.pdf

Common Terms

A Review of Terms Commonly Used in Handouts

EAS Chavez Lane Graley.pdf

Arrange the Environment

Strategies to Promote Communication


The Foundation for Interacting and Teaching

How to be Responsive during Play


Modeling to Teach

Teaching New Words and Phrases during Play


Increasing Responding

Using Open-Ended Questions and Statements to Teach


Waiting is Teaching

Using Time Delay to Promote Initiations during Play


Combining Procedures

A Brief Guide on Combining Procedures during Play

Home Activities for Language Development.pdf

Home Activities

A Handout Shared with us by Micaela Zimmerman and Katie Goldey

Recent Research & Presentations

Findings from a study targeting independent communication in young children with ASD or intellectual disability in a classroom setting

Lane, J. D., Shepley, C., Sartini, E., & Hogue, A. (2020). Modifying a naturalistic language intervention for use in an elementary school classroom. Autism and Developmental Language Impairments, 5, 1-13.

A poster presentation shared in February 2020 at the Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference

Lane, J. D., Murner, E., & Shepley, C. (2020). Building the foundation for meaningful interactions between educators and students. The Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference.

Lane et al. 2020 ADLI.pdf
CEC 2020 Presentation FINAL.pdf

Community Outreach

The PACE Program is a service for families in the community and an opportunity for graduate students to learn and implement research-based practices. We blend naturalistic instruction and parent coaching to promote responsive interactions and early social communication. We will be recruiting families for fall 2020 soon - Contact us for additional details!

PACE Program.pdf

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