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Statesman Study Guide

2019 Georgia DECA Statesman Award Study Guide

1. Who are the 2019-2020 Georgia DECA Executive Officers and what offices do they represent?

Ronit Ganguly- State President

Shreya Kuturu- VP of Leadership

Jaidan Beal- VP of Marketing

Allison Hengler- VP of Career Development

Jordan Washington- VP of Hospitality

Matthew McCrary- VP of Finance

2. What is the DECA Mission?

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management

3. What is the name of National DECA’s online resource for chapters?

DECA Direct

4. What is DECA’s 2019-2020 theme?

Here We Go

5. What are the 3 areas of the GA Chapter Campaign- Here We Go?

Grow, Give, Gain

6. Where is the birthplace of National DECA?

Memphis, Tennessee

7. Where is the National DECA headquarters located?

Reston, Virginia

8. What are the 4 divisions of DECA membership?

High School, Collegiate, Alumni, Professional

9. What are 2 duties of the President?

Oversees all activities conducted by the Executive Officers

Ensures that all undertakings are successful

Assumes the main leadership role at the Fall Conference & State Career Development Conference

Acts as the primary public relations agent

Uses leadership skills and vision to inspire all Georgia DECA members

Conducts a state project based on the Executive Officer’s Program of Leadership

10. Who is the DECA Acting Executive Director?

Frank Peterson

11. Who is the Georgia Chartered Association Advisor?

Shannon Aaron

12. Who is the Georgia Marketing Program Specialist?

Linda Smith

13. Who is the President of the Georgia DECA Board of Directors?

Sharon Shahan

14. Where is the location of 2020 ICDC?

Nashville, TN

15. Who is the National DECA President and where is he/she from?

D’Andre Vasquez, Washington

16. Who is the National DECA Southern Region Vice President?

Garrett Elkins, South Carolina

17. What are the official colors of DECA?

Blue and Gold

18. What are the regions of National DECA?

North Atlantic, Southern, Western and Central

19. What region is Georgia in?


20. Who is the Georgia Foundation Board of Directors President?

Bob Armbruster

21. What is the Georgia DECA website address?

22. What is the National DECA website address?

23. What does CTSO stand for?

Career & Technical Student Organizations

24. What is the name of the National Contest Guide?

DECA Guide

25. Who can be a DECA member?

Any student enrolled in marketing, business management & administration, finance, or hospitality & tourism program course of study/career pathway/course.

26. What is the 2019-2020 Georgia DECA Community Service Project?

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

27. What does GMEA stand for?

Georgia Marketing Education Association

28. How many Regions does Georgia DECA have for Regional Competition?


29. Where will Fall Rally be held this year?

Six Flags