About the Bucks Tree Club

The Bucks Tree Club was formed in 2008 by local subscribers to The Dendrologist which was published from 1982 to 2013 for anyone keen to share their interest and knowledge of trees. The Bucks Tree Club's handbook for members lists their details with any special interests so members are in touch with one another. It also contains a list of Ancient Woodlands in Buckinghamshire nearest each town and a update of the "Best in Bucks" list of the best of each tree species found within the county which can be viewed from a public place. The Club visits tree collections within the county or nearby and members are emailed a quarterly newsletter with its programme of events and any topical information related to trees and woodlands.

To develop their knowledge, enjoyment and understanding of tree related topics there are also opportunities for members to participate in practical activities and to attend tree study days and identification classes at Little Friars Arboretum. For an account of the Bucks Tree Club activities please click here and see that start each year begins with a celebration of Dendro Day, always the first Sunday in March.

To join The Bucks Tree Club which has an biennial subscription, please send a cheque for £10 payable to 'The Dendrologist' to the address below with a note of your email address and phone number and a declaration you will not pass on any Bucks Tree Club members details to any other person, group or other organisation.

The Bucks Tree Club,

c/o Little Friars Arboretum,

Pednor Bottom


Bucks HP5 2SS