About the Bucks Tree Club

The Bucks Tree Club was formed by local subscribers of The Dendrologist  (the quarterly tree news published 1982 - 2014) as a group to share their interests and knowledge of trees with visits to tree collections within the county or nearby. The Club's handbook contained a list of Ancient Woodlands in Buckinghamshire nearest each town and the "Best in Bucks" list of the best of each tree species found within the county which can be viewed from a public place. See above to access these lists and for a history of the Club's activities.

The Bucks Tree Club which had a biennial subscription although membership was finally suspended when the honorary secretary stood down in September 2023 and a replacement could not be found. Members and friends will still gather at the start of the tree year which is Dendro Day (always the first Sunday in March) for an event on this day, usually a tree planting and light refreshments but most of all to promote tree care with the acronym of D.E.N.D.R.O:

Do any late planting, if ground is not frosty or waterlogged

Examine tree ties, loosen or remove them as necessary

Note tree work you cannot complete today to do later

Damaged branches after winter weather should be pruned

Remedy any loosening of soil around trees caused by winter winds

Organize your calendar to enjoy, care and learn about trees

Dendro Day will continued to be celebrated each year at Little Friars Arboretum for members to bring friends to  enjoy this occasion and at other times, by arrangement, to come to refresh tree knowledge or meet with others to discuss tree topics or further gatherings. People living further away, are encouraged to organize their own Dendro Day event locally to them so as to make connections with other dendrophiles and raise awareness of trees and their care. This way a new network might be created so please keep in contact by emailing, buckstreeclub@gmail.com

Anyone interested  in the study of trees are encouraged to purchase  'A Dendrologist's Handbook' (ISBN 9525842 3 9) which is in an A4 format of 70,000 words that can be obtained from for £10.50 from  NHBS Ltd, 1-6 The Stables, Ford Road, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5LE

The Bucks Tree Club,

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